2021-2022 Winter camping. Snowbirds take flight!

Lake Whitney, Texas

2021-2022 Winter camping. Snowbirds take flight! Once again I am on the road.

I started out in Ohio, went to Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona tomorrow.

Not bad for leaving Oct. 22, 2021 for a month and a half!

Follow along with my adventures! Happy trails.

Glamper Jan

My Latest Posts

  • May 24 – Weds.
    Walked down to the van to retrieve a lot of things I left in the van that I needed at the trailer. So I’ve started the list by the front door and then it helps to remind me what to bring back. I have all kinds of little projects I started. Going through the porch furniture to see what can stay and what can go. I have too many chairs and glasses. So that’ll be the next trip to Goodwill. Happy trails.
  • May 23 – Tuesday
    Very quiet here during the week. I cut the grass and was happy mower started. I put the hammock out and set up the new fire pit. It’s portable so I will have to bring it in when it rains even though it’s stainless steel, who likes wet ashes? These mosquitoes are really taken over the place and I read where peppermint oil. Really keeps them off of the screens. So I found my peppermint oil and sprayed my whole porch. It really worked. Slowly but surely unpacking and shuffling things around. I can’t believe i’ve been home a month. […]
  • May 22 – Monday
    Spent the night in the van at Delaware State Park with Molly. Had a little campfire. There were some kind of giant bugs that were dive bombing us and they sounded like drones. They were like June bugs on steroids. So we only stayed out there till about 10:30. Got up in the morning and then she drove back to Dublin to work this week. I went on back to the Lake. The porch was covered in midges. Those annoying little mosquitoes that are like baby Canadian soldiers. That is what we call the big ones. Happy trails.
  • May 21 Update – Sunday
    I know I published this early in anticipation of the Graduation but wanted to give it update on the actual day. It was beautiful 75 degree day at OSU and Schottenstein Center. We sat in the nose bleed seats. We picked him out right away with that hair. Happy Trails.
  • May 20 – Saturday
    Still packing the van so going to shuffle the cars so I can keep the Prius on the blacktop and out of the grass. Going to visit my brother before the graduation in Columbus. Molly will drive to the graduation and I will leave the van at my brother’s house for the day. We booked a night at Delaware State Park. I forgot to bring the coffee pot so I bought a new one So it’s bigger and I can use it at home and take my little camping one and leave it in the van Happy trails.
  • MAY 19 – TGIF
    Marina will get noisy this weekend. Those boats scare the hell out of me when they start up. So loud! That’s okay I got stuff I got to do inside. I do have my hammock out so I may go hang out in there. The geese are going crazy this year. I swear there’s new babies every time I look out there. I took some stuff to the van for this weekend. It was covered in cobwebs and mowed grass clippers. I have clippers somewhere, I need to find them. Having two campers, I have double everything except the stuff […]
  • May 18 – Thursday
    I hate that my poor Van has to stay in that field. I share hope I don’t get a mouse. I will be moving at Sunday when I head to Columbus for the grandson’s graduation. Nice mowed park that’s to the right of it Has a huge culvert and you can’t drive straight in. I’m gonna try to look for Another spot. Or find my clippers! The grass is about 2 feet tall under the Van. Happy trails.
  • May 21 – Sunday
    Graduation Day for Julian, handsome Grandson. I wouldn’t let his hair grow that long but it’s out of my control. at least he is smiling! The graduation ceremony for all 4 Dublin high schools are at OSU stadium. It’s going to be a zoo. His is at 3:00pm. Going to meet up with daughter, Molly from South Carolina. I sure had fun raising that kid for 12 years. He is the most gentlest, kind-hearted, and smartest kid I knew. Good luck to you, Julian. Grandma loves you. Go live your dreams. Whatever they are! Happy trails.
  • May 17 – Wednesday
    Went to the Post Office and picked up all my Amazon items. When I received my maiden China glass. Screen Cover for my phone it. Was cracked. I tried to send it back but Amazon said to send it directly to the company in China. The glass screen case was only $24 and the shipping was going to be $81. Totally ridiculous.. I had taken pictures as requested and they said they could not download them. So finally Chinese company told me we believe you and we will ship new product. I could throw it away or destroy it. Saved […]
  • May 16- Tuesday
    I’m going to a stamping seminar that last four days online. My goal is to get rid of all this paper here and make some creative cards. I like paper crafts. It’s amazing what you can do with it. I’ve even sewn cards before. It’s called Cricut card summit. So many cool ideas for making pop up cards. I even forget to eat. I’m watching so many videos! I hope I lose some weight! Happy trails
  • May 15 – Monday
    Well I picked the Prius from Storage. The guy had never stored a Prius before And didn’t understand that they don’t make any noise because they’re electric when the idle. The gas engine kicks in when it needs to but normally it’s silent. He thought it was off and stored it that way for 9 months. I told him to take the negative cable off of it and it would be fine. But he moved it and didn’t take the cable back off and so the starting battery was dead. So since it’s under a warranty I took it back […]
  • May 14 – Sunday
    My son, Jeff’s birthday today on Mother’s Day. It was Mother’s Day 42 years ago too! Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day. I miss mine every day. Happy trails.
  • May 12 – TGIF
    I’m taking the van in on Friday to get the awning installed. A blew off in March of 2022 and has taken a whole year to come on to the dealership. They finally got it installed. Took all day but everything works! The She Shed is not happy being back by the boat trailers. The grass is so tall, I hope it doesn’t get a mouse. Happy trails.
  • May 13 – Sat.
    Happy birthday Morgan Wallen! 30 year old Country Rocker from East Tennessee. Right there with my man Kenny Chesney. Morgan Wallen. Won best Male Artist of the year at the ACM’s this year. Love his music. He messed up his vocal chords singing and Has do not talk for six weeks. Then he tore his lateral muscle and his back in Australia during a concert. The poor guy has been through it. He is a very good singer and place the guitar. He writes all his own songs too. So happy he won. I hope his throat gets better and […]
  • May 11 – Thursday
    This is my sister l, Lynne and brother-in-law, Mike’s wedding anniversary. They both passed away a few months of each other, just like my Mom and Dad did. They were three months of each other. I was 17 when they got married.And drank way too much at their reception. I always think of them on May 11th. I can’t find a picture. I was gonna post so just wanted to say Happy Anniversary Lynne and Mike. They are dancing to The Turtles “Happy Together”. Happy trails.
  • May 10 – Weds.
    I’m still cleaning out the van so I can take it into the dealership. And have the awning replaced on Friday. It turned out to be a beautiful day so I’m going to finish my weed whacking and try to set my cameras backup. I disconnected it because the torrential rain in Cincinnati fogged up the camera And it was very blurry. I put it in a bag of rice and it seemed to try it out pretty good. We shall see. Well the camera is toast. It did come on but it won’t connect to the Wi-Fi here and […]
  • May 9 – Tuesday
    The mower didn’t start. So it looks like I will be weedwacking for a while. My friend Mark from Utah won this pinwheel for me at the  Quartzsite Metal Detecting Club when we were on a coin hunt. They put $4000 worth of quarters in a small area. And everyone goes in and gets their chance at metal detecting and finding the quarters. Some of the quarters have stickers on them and if you get a sticker you go up and claim a prize. He won this for me. He said I wanna see that at Lake Erie! So I […]
  • May 8 – Monday
    We have a few more boats in the Harbor Marina. The rain finally stopped and got a few more boats in. It is so quiet here that this is the best time to be here. What’s the weekend starts, it gets very loud. Boat engines and music. We did get a new black topped road so that makes it very nice. Time to see if the mower will start. Happy trails.
  • May 7 – Sunday
    I drove back from West Chester through Columbus and stopped off at my old neighbor’s condo to pick up a solar generator he was selling due to health reasons. It was great seeing him and catching up on all the stories of the old neighborhood. I had wanted a larger solar generator 2000 watt because my 1000 watt Jackery generator is pretty much dedicated to my coffee pot and charging phones. This way, I don’t have to turn the generator on to use my air fryer. Thank you Doug I will always think of you when I use it. Take […]
  • May 5 – 6 TGIF Cinco de Mayo
    Heading to West Chester for the weekend. It was at a Premier Shooting and Training Center. They just opened and had a Huge parking lot that wasn’t being used and they invited the girl campers to spend a few nights and then have a shooting lesson. We got there on Cinco de Mayo and they had a really nice bistro speakeasy called Tommie’s. It was named for the owner’s mother. We had awesome burritos from MeBurrito restaurant. Huge and delicious! It took up the entire plate! Saturday morning we got up and took a safety lesson and went to the […]
  • May 4 – Thursday
    Brrrr!! It is still cold! Packing the van again for trip to West Chester by Cincinnati, OH. Camping (boondocking) at a shooting range. Learning about gun safety with a mix of girls. We will celebrate Cinco De Mayo and the Kentucky Derby. Should be a hoot. Filled up the van and packed the water, food, and new air compressor for the tires. My old compressor just went in the cigarette lighter. You start the engine of the truck, and it will fill up the tires. It was on the countertop in the van, and I walked by it and bumped […]
  • April 26 – May 3
    Back at the lake with lots to do. Cleaned up the busted-open shed and put the tools back in. Cleaned the gutters that were overflowing with debris from the storms. Took pictures of the tree that fell over from the snow and the wind. Cleaned up the porch from where the wind re-positioned all the furniture. This is why I like to be in the Van everything stays put. Sometimes! Happy trails.
  • April 25 Tues. – Home
    I’m not going to keep track of the days I’m back at Lake Erie, Marblehead because this is a travel blog and I’m not traveling except for a few events here in there. I guess you could say I’m a purest. Like those Campers that have a map of the United States And the only mark on the states they have camped in and not the ones they have driven through. I camped in just about all of them. Cheaply, of course! My goal listed hit them all, including Alaska, but I’ll have to do that in the summer because […]
  • April 24 Day 221 Monday
    Home again jiggity jig! 4 states one day. Pulled into the lake marina at 2:30. No rain!! I beat it! Just a few things scattered about from the shed that blew open. Glad to be here but lots of clean up! Happy trails!
  • April 23 Day 220 Sunday
    Spent the night at the Welcome Center in Missouri. Happy trails.
  • April 22 Day 219 Sat.
    Travel Day. 4 hrs of driving. Missouri is a long state! Didn’t want to move too fast because whether was not looking good at Lake Erie. Gonna tackle Missouri, Illinois and Indiana tomorrow. Happy trails.
  • April 21 Day 218 Friday
    Left Oologah Lake OK. Went to Carterville MO Going to a Superman Ice cream shop. Guy has a huge collection of Superman and Wonderwoman. Great Ice cream also! He even makes his own cones. Happy trails.
  • April 20 Day 217 Thurs.
    Decided to change plans again. Heading to the Will Rogers Museum in Claremore OK. I was only 9 miles away and it is a Harvest Host. I had been here last year and it was very interesting. So many cool exhibits. Happy trails.
  • April 19 Day 216 Weds.
    Still windy but had a chance to do a manicure and “bush pedicure”. That’s when you do it outside in the wild on the wind! ha Met a retired fireman walking by after fishing and he stopped to talk for a while. He has a boat at the Marina and said that on Saturday they have A “Burn the socks party” here. It is to symbolize the passing of Winter and the coming of summer. They light a huge bonfire and everybody burns their socks. I thought that was funny. Breakfast at my camp site. Not bad. I hate to […]
  • April 18 Day 215 Tues
    A little windy today, it’s supposed to get to 30 miles an hour. So I moved up so I’m not under this big tree branch that keeps dipping.. But now i’m not level. I will wait till blows over tomorrow and move back enter my level spot about ten feet away. Sunshine and it’s a nice breeze and it’s about 70°.. I’ll take it! By looking at the weather forecast in Saint Louis looks like I’ll be driving through rain for several hours.. Another beautiful day in Oklahoma Going to have some leftover pasta trying to clean out the freezer. […]
  • APRIL 17 Day 214 Monday
    Well instead of Missouri I decided to head back to Oklahoma because Missouri got golf ball size hail in Springfield. That was on my route for today. So I went back to Ooglah Lake OK. It’s beautiful here in quiet. A COE Campground and very small. Only about 12 campsites which makes it real cozy and you are right on the water high up on a bluff. You can watch the boats all day. Not bad for $8 a night with electricity and water! Happt trails.
  • April 16 Day 213 Sunday
    Crazy weather day! High winds all around Texas and Oklahoma. Left out 10 o’clock and headed to Route 40. The GPS said that there was closures around Indianapolis and they were detouring me to 44. Well that is a lot colder and when you’re going through northern Oklahoma to Tulsa onto Joplin. Well winds are high everywhere so I got time to sit them out. Drove straight to Tulsa. Stop at a Cracker Barrel. Usually they are very lit up and nice with special RV spots in the back. I have stated others before but this one had an open […]
  • April 15 Day 212 Sat.
    Did you get your taxes done? Got my return already! First time in years! Moving day. Left to head to NM and Texas. Long Day of Driving. Found a rest area in Texas. Texas knows how to treat their travelors! Happy trails.
  • April 14 Day 211 Friday
    This year, I want to go back Rt 40 to Ohio. That was a nice drive and it was Rt. 66 so lots of sights on the Motherroad. However, the weather has been so crazy you have to watch for tornadoes, rain and snow. Decided to hang around Wickenburg and head up thru Sedona to Flagstaff and over to the East. I looked at the weather up at the Lake and it is in the 70’s. Time to head back! That bag is all embroidered and beads. Had so many cool items from so many talented artists. BACK ON THE […]
  • April 13 – Day 210 Thurs.
    My Dad’s birthday. He would have been 101 years young. He passed away in 2016 of a broken heart from the death of my Mom 2 months earlier. They are enjoying each other in heaven together again. In celebration I drove to Wickenburg Arizona To a COWGIRL UP! art show at the Desert Caballeros Western Museum. Place was fabulous. Some of the artwork on display. Happy trails.
  • April 12 Day 209 Weds.
    I started to take the gazebo down and a big, enormous criket the size of a Buick jumped out at me. Scare the crap out of me. It wasn’t at least five inches long. So we had a nattle of who was going to stay and who was going to leave. I gave it a flick and it landed in this bush. I called too little boys over who were knocking around at their camp site and I said Hey you wanna see a giant Grasshopper? A yelled YES. They’re parents told them they could come over they were amazed. […]
  • April 11 Day 208 Tuesday
    I stayed inside all day as it was 103 and we set a record in Palo Verde AZ. It is directly on the other side of the Colorado River in Palo Verde CA. I’m not sure what record was set but it was hot! I broke down and turn the AC on but it only got to 93. Moving to cooler areas. Heading East. Happy trails.
  • April 10 Day 207 Monday
    Going to get the Cricut out. Have lots of designs downloaded. Well plans changed. Got the sewing machine out. Started paper piecing a quilt block. Hotter than hell here. The blue one is the one I did years ago and can’t remember how I did it. Red one. I did the other night with no paper after watching a freezer paper piecing video. I ended up sleeping on it because I went to bed in the dark and now it’s all wrinkled. I was too lazy to get the iron out on the camper. On to someplace cooler! Happy trails.
  • April 9   Day 206 Easter Sunday
    It got hot all of a sudden! 87 today.  Palo Verde CA. I’m roasting in the gazebo. So I moved the sun shade to the back. Let the wind thru! Ahh much better! Park is empty now. All the weekenders left. Just us nomads here to tough it out! Happy trails and Happy Easter!
  • April 8 Day 205 Sat.
    Had a lot of Mexican families camped next to us. They were so funny and very nice families. I love how they kitted one another all the time and played with their kids. You don’t see that very often. They had 7 tents on one site. Four dogs, 4 little kids And a bunch of funny 30 somethings. I even brought grandma and grandpa in wheelchairs. Someone must have taken them home on Saturday. Above all the campground was pretty quiet and had beautiful sunsets. Myra left and I felt sad because she is a lot of fun. Happy trails
  • April 7 Day 204 TGIF
    We had a wonderful dinner of fresh shrimp that a vender had I his cart. Myra had purchased from him before and she said his shrimp was fresh and fabulous. He also deveins them for you. They were delicious. We rinsed them in fresh water and Boiled them for only four minutes. They were excellent. I made veggie jasmine rice in the crockpot. I forgot to take pictures of the shrimp! Happy trails!
  • April 6 Day 203 Thursday
    Traveled to Los Algodones Mexico. 29 miles from here. Walked right into the gate and hardly any cars in the parking lot. Myra brought Her handicap sticker so we got right up front. We ate dinner there at a nice restaurant that she frequents and has never gotten sick. What food was delicious in the guy played the guitar? She asked him for La Bomba and he played it. Then a missionary came up to her and said he was taking it collection for little kids at the missions and she talked to him quite a while and asked. Him […]
  • April 4 Day 201 Tuesday
    Oops skipped a day. That happens when you are on vacation full time. Had a campground reserved by putting a chair in the spot until Myra arrived. Can’t wait to camp. Happy travels.
  • April 5 Day 202 Weds.
    My friend, Myra came from Chandler AZ to camp with us. Marlene and I are at Senator Wash area called Squaw Lake outside Palo Verde CA. Beautiful here! She is staying until Sat. Going to Mexico tomorrow. Happy trails.
  • April 3 Day 200 Monday
    My Mom and Dad’s 75th Wedding Anniversary today. They made it to 69 years together before they both passed away in 2016. I’m guessing from a broken heart.💔 within 2 months of each other. Happy Anniversary, Marge and Ralph! Enjoy heaven! Happy trails!
  • April 2 Day 199 Sunday
    Beautiful spot overlooking the lake. I heard some donkeys. They like to come out at dusk and poop all over. Didn’t see them because last night they decided to wander over at 3am. Happy trails.
  • APRIL 1 Day 198 Sat.
    My Grandson, Jack Bryant’s 4th birthday. I have no idea why he has 3 jackets on in the house. Oh well. I’m hoping he likes to color. Jeff got him a cool bike. Happy trails.
  • March 31 Day 197 TGIF
    Moved spots. Really. Nice one next to a big open area where I can put the gazebo up after the wind dies down on Monday. It’s supposed to be 45 mile an hour. Had a couple with a two-year-old come in at 1130 last night and then he decided to light a fire. The kid screamed the whole night and did not want anything to do with camping. That’s another reason why I moved. Way quieter over here in Marlene can camp next to me in her Roadtrek. Happy trails.
  • March 30 Day 196 Thurs.
    Another windy day in the desert. I had to take up the outdoor carpet again! Gusts are crazy! Looking forward to the planets aligning. Had a good view last night but cloudy tonight. News showed a graphic of the Alignment. Next one is 2040. Happy trails.
  • March 29 Day 195 Weds.
    Happy birthday to Kim of Making Memories with Michigan Mills! Met you in 2017 at the Rubber Tramp Rondevous in Quartzsite AZ. Been friends ever since. We pick up right where we left off every year. Nice to hear of your travels. Safe travels in LEAKY your box van. ENJOY your birthday. Happy trails.
  • March 28 Day 194 Tuesday
    I did something very scary today. How is approach by a producer of a new documentary on nomads and the traveling lifestyle. They wanted me to send a video introducing myself and seeing if they will pick me for some of their stories from May through December of my travels. Since I will be back at the Lake in May we will see if anything develops. I will keep you posted. Happy trails.
  • March 27 Day 193 Monday
    I went to town to get Amazon delivery from Quiet Times with Brad and Donna. She was a kindergarten teacher and has the stories! God love any teacher these days! She can cross stitch and knit and crochet. She does it all! She made me this darling owl! They have become good nomad friends. Happy trails.
  • March 26 Day 192 Sunday
    Another windy day in the desert. So I stayed inside and sewed. I got sick of the wind blowing the van door shut so I got this gizmo doorstop to keep it open. it works great! I won’t have any more bruised arms!! Happy trails.
  • March 25 Day 191 Sat.
    I watched a few videos on different totebags and zippered pouches. I am listening to an Audible book called Simplfy. It is really good. I thought I was downsizing when I moved into the lake camper (park model). But now that I am in the van, I can downsize so much more! Starting with all the t-shirts!! I have a rule…one goes in one goes out!! I have broken the rule many times. But, I am sick of shuffling around stacks of t-shirts. I have some favorites and I will keep those. I made 4 notepads and gave one away […]
  • March 24 Day 190 TGIF
    Did laundry and actually cleaned the camper! I found more fabric so I plan on making more clutches and totebags. I have been watching some videos on new ways to make them. It is way easier!! We shall see what I come up with. I can use up some zippers too. Happy trails.
  • March 23 Day 189 Thurs.
    These mango have taken root on my countertop. So today, I’m going to cut into them into cubes. They were great and sweet. I forgot to take pictures. Visited the Quartzsite Historical Museum today. I have always driven past and never stopped. it is right next to Silly Al’s pizza and I always head I there! Hi Jolly was the camel driver who worked for the Army to bring supplies across the desert. His name was Hadaj Ali and the soldiers renamed him Hi Jolly. Great little stop. Happy trails.
  • March 22 Day 188 Weds.
    Went into town to get groceries and water. I have water at my campsite but it’s not good for drinking, so I get it at the filtered water kiosk in town for 5 gallons for a dollar. It’s reverse osmosis water and very good with no salt. Had a strong wind come in as soon as I got back to camp and it took my bike that was leaning against the water spigot and picked it up and threw it over. Hate when that happens. Hopefully, this wind calms down this week. Happy trails
  • March 21 Tues. Day 187
    Rained all day. Sewed 4 zippered bags. Getting rid of zippers! Brought a bunch of fabric and want to sew while I have the electric. I can still sew in the desert with my Jackery power station but it’s raining out so better to do it when I have to stay inside. Happy trails.
  • March 20 Day 186 Monday
    Went to the Buck Connors Festival yesterday. It’s a big pioneer cowboy festival with cattle roping and vendors. Lots of goodies. Happy trails.
  • March 19 Day 185 Sunday
    Did laundry. Nothing much. Took the gazebo down due to the wind coming later. Ran into Clayton from Discount Solar I his Solar Golf Cart! Thing runs all day and he got it licensed for the street. Happy trails.
  • March 18 Day 184 Sat.
    Big coin hunt today at the Metal Detecting Club. Gonna ride the bike. Well I got $15.25 in quarters at the coin hunt today! Glad i went. Had an art show at the club too so got to see that too. Then pizza party for the end of the year from Silly Al’s best pizza ever!!. Also Buck Connors Festival. Blue Grass music, roping events, BBQ cookoff. Lots of displays. Had some cool venders Quartzsite is winding down. Happy trails.
  • March 16 Day 182 Thurs.
    Had quite the lightning show. Hardly any sound but tons of lightning lit up the skies for about an hour. Happy trails.
  • March 15 Day 181 Weds.
    Ides of March and Agnes Viray birthday! Best neighbor ever! That’s the only thing I miss of our neighborhood. She moved to Virginia and is outside Washington DC. We staffed a Girl Scout troop when our girls were in gradeschool together. Fun times. Happy trails.
  • March 17 Day 183 TGIF
    St Patrick’s Day! We had an ice cream social at the Park. Vanilla and chocolate. Yum. Then a potluck at the Lit Cactus. It is a section of the desert that is in the Long Term Visitor Area of LaPosa South. There is also a nudist camp called the Magic Circle. You never know what you are going to see while going thru that area. Ha I watched a couple of funny movies and had a peaceful night. Happy trails.
  • March 14 Day 180 Tuesday
    Pi Day! Eat some Pie. Happy trails.
  • March 13 Day 179 Monday
    I had all these rolls of vinyl that were taking up tons of room so I decided to flatten them all out and got them squished into one flat. Container container for storage. Then when I want a sheet I can just pull one out. Squished between 2 pieces of cardboard. Works for me! Happy trails.
  • Mar. 12 Day 178 Sunday
    Put the St. Patrick’s Day gazebo up and will start sewing this week if the wind cooperates! Well I made about $23 at the sale. More than I had yesterday. Ha Not sure the park is doing anything to celebrate so I figured I would. Oscar night tonight so I’ll wait and catch it on YouTube or Hulu. Since we don’t get TV reception. I don’t miss it. Happy trails.
  • Mar 11 Day 177 Sat.
    Shoot I didn’t even take a picture of the yard sale. Argh! Beautiful weather even though it was a little windy. I just put some rocks on the paper designs so they wouldn’t blow away. They did have a huge breakfast at the clubhouse today during the sale. So I snuck over before it started and ate. Wish me luck at the sale! Happy trails.
  • Mar 10 Day 176 Friday
    Still going thru things for the garage sale at the park. One guy is selling turquoise jewelry. Have to hit him up tomorrow. I put out a bunch of notepads and Cricut decals. We will see how it goes. Happy trails
  • Mar 8 Day 174 Weds.
    Getting ready for the big yard sale here on Saturday. I took all my maps and put them in a box and took them to the laundry library. They were gone in a flash! Just have these left! Maps to places I haven’t gone to yet. It got some of the weight out of the camper. That’s my goal… to lighten up. After the yard sale, I will go through my clothes for the food bank and Carol’s Closet. It’s a local charity here in Quartzsite. Happy trails.
  • Mar. 9 -Day 175 Thurs.
    Met Edgar from Germany in a new Roadtrek. It was the same color as mine. He is a farmer from Manitoba Canada. Went with some friends going to Silly Al’s for pizza since that is a Quartzsite tradition. Edgar loved it! It is nice to meet new friends. Happy trails.
  • Mar. 7 – Day 173 Tues.
    I started to watch a stamp me some love seminar. It was really good how to make pop-up cards. It’s really interesting how paper folds! I have a lot of time in the desert so that’s why i’m going to start something new. I brought all the card stock with me so i’m all good. My first attempt at cutting out A pop up card did not go so well. I’ll keep trying. Happy trails!
  • Mar. 6 – Day 172 Monday
    Finally did taxes!! Whoo hoo! Now, I can craft without feeling guilty about putting it off. The internet is in and out but so far Nomad Internet has stayed pretty stable. I thought about getting a Starlink satellite dish, But they keep raising their prices it was $110 then it was 135 now it’s $150a month. I still gotta talk to verizon about why they raise their prices. In the meantime, enjoy the scenery. Happy trails.
  • March 5- Day 171 Sunday
    Best friend Peggy’s birthday today! Happy birthday Peggy! I think she’s heading to Aruba next month. That girl is always on the go! Cloudy here again but in the afternoon it gets brighter. Wish it would stay in the 70’s! We did have a nice sunset Happy trails.
  • Mar. 4 – Day 170 Sat.
    Went to a great concert on a nearby BLM land. Band was called The Border Hookups. All very respectable musicians in their own rite. Thanks for the pop-up concert. Happt trails.
  • Mar. 3 – Day 169 Friday
    Had every intention of doing taxes then the Alec Murdaugh verdict came in and I was hooked again to watch the trial. That guy was nuts to think that his insurance company would pay out $40M to his son upon his death. Even tried to have himself shot! Yikers! Crazy is as crazy does! Happy Friday!
  • Mar. 2 – Day 168 Thurs.
    Had a campfire at the firepit with good friends. Told stories of past lives. Very interesting. I love the people you meet on the road! This guy is a songwriter and bass player and had his own band that opened for Black Sabbath in the 70’s/80’s. He now does accounting! Happy trails
  • Mar. 1 Day 167 Weds.
    What a way to start a Spring month@ it really came in like a lion! Snow real close in Flagstaff AZ and Williams AZ. We got an all-day and all-night rain. Thank goodness it bypassed us and we just got it all day rain. So much for Spring! The groundhog was right. Happy trails.
  • Feb. 28 – Day 166 Tuesday
    Happy Birthday to dear sweet Andy, My nephew and his beautiful daughter Haylie Kay. Dear Andy passed away after a sudden illness in December. Haylie turned a beautiful 28 year old In December also. Slept in the desert last night because it was the last day at this RV park and they were going to charge me $47 to spend the night. I said forget it so went out to the desert and watched a beautiful quiet sunset. You can’t really see the sunset when you’re crammed in between big RV’s at an RV park. But it is nice to […]
  • Feb. 20-27 – Day 158-165
    I just get too darn busy in the desert to write everyday so I’m doing this by the week unless something amazing happens. We had a terrible rainstorm and windstorm that just blew everything around. One guy’s gazebo went flying over the street and ended up across the street. People had awnings laying underneath their cars and ATVs. Never underestimate the Arizona winds. I’m moving camps tomorrow so I’ll take some desert pictures. I’ll be back at the RV park March 1 to get my green on for St. PATTY’S Day. Happy trails.
  • Feb. 19 – Day 156 Sunday
    Was a cloudy day. But 72° so can’t complain! My friend Marlene made this basket at the gem club. The class is there are only $4 a class. I went for the metal wire wrapping. Happy trails.
  • Feb. 18 – Day 155 Sat.
    Went to the Coin Hunt. Was a bust! Only got $3.85 in coins. Had no raffle because all the tokens hidden were claimed! Happy trails
  • Feb. 17 – Day 154 TGIF
    Went into town to Gem World. Love that place! Bought some necklace chains. And some Geodes. Then we stopped at Silly Al’s for Pizza. Happy trails.
  • Feb. 16 – Day 153 Thurs.
    Went to Plomosa Rd camp. Eugene, Carolyn and Donnie here. Will go onto town to show Carolyn Quartzsite. She is from Fresno. She has a beautiful Lazy Daze Class C. Happy trails.
  • Feb 15 -Day 152 Weds.
    Stayed at Snowbird Mesa. This is outside Yuma. Lots of green produce fields. Happy trails.
  • Feb 14 – Day 151 Tuesday
    Happy Valentine’s Day! Packed up camp and went back to Quartzsite. Happy trails.
  • Feb 13 – Day 150 Monday
    It was a cold night but warmed up nicely to 64 today. Clouds are crazy today. Love the desert! May head back to Quartzsite tomorrow. Happy trails!
  • Feb 12 – Day 149 Sunday
    Super Bowl Sunday. Every day is like the next in the desert so maybe if I get TV reception, I can see the half-time show and funny commercials. Marlene and I to the Arizona Marketplace which is an open market place with a ton of vendors. Wasn’t too crowded. Got dates, peanuts in the shell and those rice crackers that are spicy. Didn’t care who won the Super Bowl but it was a great game! Like that KC QB. He seems humble for a 27 yr old who has millions. Happy trails!
  • Feb 11 – Day 148 Sat
    Still at Snowbird Mesa. Watched some crazy people camped next to us singing at the top of their lungs. At least they weren’t screaming. Ha Drove around North Beach area of Senator Wash. Really beautiful area. On the California side of the Colorado River. Ran into a camping buddy Rhonda who I met a last year here. I thought I saw her rig and called her it WAS her! So I stopped and we chatted for a while. She will move on next week. Thats what us nomads do. Happy trails!
  • Feb 10 – Day 147 Friday
    Went geocaching with Marlene. We fid pretty good. Found 2 hidden objects. One in a tree and one in a hole. The one with duct tape had a ton of cool stuff in it. Had a pen to sign the log book that they all have. Then you log it in within the app and it tallies your finds. I’m up to 75 finds! Its a fun hobby and there are geocaches all over the earth placed there by other geocachers. They had a Mega Event in Yuma last weekend and I went with Geocacher Expert Eugene! He has geocached […]
  • Feb 9 – Day 146 Thurs
    I went to Senator Wash and Snowbird Mesa outside Yuma by about 35 miles. All thru cabbage patches and fields of kale. Moved camp today and ended up at Snowbird Mesa on BLM land. Beautiful sky and short drive for a change of scenery. Marlene was camped there so visited with her. Happy trails
  • Feb 8 – Day 145 Weds.
    Very windy. Marlene and Judie went to Mexico for Judie’s dentist appointment. I think she got a root canal in a crown And she will have to come back the next day for the crown. Pretty good turn around time. I met friends of Eugene’s, Fellow geocachers Wade and Tami Who just got a Ford transit Van and had it tricked out. It is really beautiful. They’re some from West Bend, Wisconsin where they make kitchen appliances. We talked about West Bend Grills and crockpots. Even some blenders. Small world. Was fun talking geocaching. Happy trails!
  • Feb 7 – Day 144 Tuesday
    Beautiful way to wake up in the desert at the Center of the Universe in Felicty CA! Moon out one window and sun out the other! Happy trails!
  • Feb 6 – Day 143 Monday
    Finally did the lease for the trailer at the lake. It’s 14 pages long! Its hard doing contracts long distances! Had a great time geocaching all weekend. Went all over Yuma! Saw lots of Parks and lots of desert! Met a darling couple from Ireland geocaching. It’s like a big scavenger hunt. It’s my personal Amazing Race without the million dollars prize at the end! Had a lot of fun with Eugene who knows his stuff! My personal traveling knome! Happy trails.
  • Feb 5 – Day 142 Sunday
    Last day of Mega Event in Yuma. Got a cool tshirt and coin. Beautiful weather! Happy trails!
  • Feb 4 Day 141 Saturday
    Had a great day Geoaching with the South West Arizona Geocaching (S. W.A.G.) and with Eugene. He us an expert Geocacher. Finds everything hidden!! If you find a traveling bug, You take a picture of it and post it on the geocaching website. Then we set off to find 20 geocaches and answer questions about the location of each. It was fun. The caches found us running all over Yuma. Some even up to The Wall! Will do more this week. Happy trails.
  • Feb 3 – Day 140 Friday
    Went on a geocaching event where you make a banana a phone and you can say “Can you hear me now?” Was really fun. Happy trails.
  • Feb. 2 – Day 139 Thurs.
    Love this Camp in Yuma. Happy trails.
  • Feb. 1 – Day 138 Weds.
    So happy the van is working great. It is keeping battery power from the solar panel! 300 Watts on the roof. This is the shot from the camera at Discount Solar when they fixed the cable that had broken. Happy trails.
  • Jan 30 – Day 136 Monday
    Rained and a lot of the camp has left. Getting ready to break down camp and heading to Yuma. I will miss my friends but will see them down the road. Happy trails.