2021-2022 Winter camping. Snowbirds take flight!

Lake Whitney, Texas

2021-2022 Winter camping. Snowbirds take flight! Once again I am on the road.

I started out in Ohio, went to Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona tomorrow.

Not bad for leaving Oct. 22, 2021 for a month and a half!

Follow along with my adventures! Happy trails.

Glamper Jan

My Latest Posts

  • Jan 26. – Day 132 Thurs.
    Happy birthday to Mark and Carly. Went on an adventure to Bouse AZ to get my infrared flashlight to look for scorpions and florescent rocks. Carolyn has a Lazy Dazy motorhome. It’s beautiful! Picked up my charge controller and mail. Excited to get it installed. Eugene will do installation today. Happy trails.
  • Jan 25 – Day 131 Weds.
    Happy anniversary to Jeff and Vandi. Had a campfire with the gang. Pat brought his popcorn maker and made a trashbag full of popcorn! So all enjoyed! Tonight is cotton candy night! Pat has a cotton candy machine too!! Always something different at Hobocamp. Happy trails.
  • Jan 24 Day 130 Tuesday
    Hobotech Tom 50th Birthday Bash. We had an alien theme. CAROLYN really was the hostest with the mostest. She had the tablecloth, napkins, cups, alien men cake and food! Happy trails.
  • Jan 22 – Day 128 Sunday
    Went to the Big Tent today with the girls. Got a lot of goodies! Including Fry Bread. Incredible Tiny Homes were at the RV show. Community is in Tennessee. Got to meet Randy the host. Happy trails.
  • Jan 23 – Day 129 Monday
    I love this day because it’s always 123. This year is extra special because it’s 1.23.23. Happy Birthday to anyone who has a birthday on 1.23! Happy Birthday to Rob and Alex. Nice sunny day at Camp. Myra left today. Sure was fun camping with her. See you soon. Happy trails.
  • Jan 21 – Day 127 Sat.
    Coin hunt in the park today at 1:00pm. I went to the coin hunt today with my friend, Mark. He has the $1000 unit and he can detect gold. He is hardcore and goes out into the mountains and digs for gold. I do the cheater way and just swing my metal detector and at the coin hunt I found $7.06 In quarters, dimes and nickels. It was fun. Mark got a coin with a sticker for a special prize. He took it up to the counter to turn it in, and The lady gave him the wrong price of […]
  • Jan 20 – Day 126 – TGIF
    My friend Myra is coming to camp with us. My other friend Carolyn from Fresno is coming but the passes keep getting snowed in. She has a darling Lazy Daze camper. I think it is baked potato night! Both friends have vintage campers so I will try to take some pictures of them. Happy trails.
  • Jan 16 – Day 122 Monday MLK Day
    Didn’t have to worry about banks being closed or post offices because I didn’t have any business with them out here in the desert. Moved over to the hobo camp today. Rained a little last night so it kept the dust down. Things always shift after moving the van so I spent the afternoon putting stuff away. People went up to him and thought it was a Coffee shop. Ha He is a very capable vet in a wheelchair. If he can camp, anybody can camp. Life is too short to sit around. Go explore. Happy trails.
  • Jan 19 – Day 125 – Thurs.
    It is my sister, Lynne’s birthday. She would have 74. She passed away on September 19 in 2021 of pancreatic cancer. Please support pancreatic cancer research. Happy trails.
  • Jan 15 Day 121 Sunday
    People are slowly coming into camp next to me. Our pass is up on Monday the 16th so we will be moving tomorrow over to Hobo Camp. It is the camp with my friends Hobotech Tom and Stan Sasnak. Those guys both have YouTube channels so subscribe if you can. Stan goes by Sasnak which is Kansas spelled backwards. An easy way to remember it. Subscribe to their channels on YouTube. I may be in on a few of their live streams usually at the campfires. Happy trails.
  • Jan 17-18 Day 123/124 Tues-Weds
    Not much going on besides campfires and charging solar. The Jackerys are working great. I have the nomad Internet hooked in to that so as to not lose connection when traveling. May go into town because the Pow Wow starts today. It is a big craft show and festival for the American Indians. Happy trails.
  • Jan 14 – Day 120 Sat.
    In town for RTR ay Town Park. Rubber Tramp Rondevous. Gunner’s band The Nomads were supposed to play on the stage at 4pm. But the rain came and cancelled everything. Who says it doesn’t rain in the desert? The big move to Plomosa Rd. BLM land. New camp …Hobotech snd Sasnak Camp Happy trails.
  • Jan 13 – Day 119 TGIF
    Broke camp and went to Quiet Times, Which is a local Mail delivery service in Quartzsite. I was supposed to have an antenna delivered yesterday and so I waited today in case the guy came late. The factory antenna whips when you drive and all my pictures have a antenna in them that I take out the window. So I go over there today And she looks and looks and can’t find it. So I noticed a tiny little package hiddand I’m and she just kind of pushes them all and glances and says nope it’s not here. So I […]
  • Jan 12 – Day 118 Thurs.
    Did not go into town. I only wanted to break camp once so i could save my spot. Sometimes if you leave your spot for errands, someone takes your stuff! So only leave cheap camp chairs and soccer cones. Happy trails.
  • Jan 11 – Day 117 Weds.
    Cleaned the van for travel on Friday. Have lots of rolls of vinyl on the bed that is taking over my sleeping space! So consolidated a lot and it really helped. Happy trails.
  • Jan 9 – Day 115 Monday
    Got a lot done inside van today. Made some more notepads. Saving one Cheez-it box at a time! Happy trails.
  • Jan 10 – Day 116 Tuesday
    Went to Brian Boones Got Solar and he never came to the door. I banged on his trailer for 30 min. and he never came out. So I get over to Discount Solar and they say its set up ok so it just needs to recognize the new battery. Okayyy so it reads 13.5 which is full according to the coach readout display and all i have running is the refrigerator. Wake up and it’s dead! So the battery is still learning I guess. So I started up the generator and it seems to like it now. Its rising thats […]
  • Jan 8 – Day 114 Sunday
    Spent the day figuring out this solar. After changing a slow of settings, I think I finally figured it out. Tuesday I will go to discount solar and have them look at it. Just like a house it’s always something. Quartzsite is getting very busy. A lot more traffic. They are coming to the big tent which opens next Saturday. It’s an RV and travel show. Largest tent in the US! All kinds of crazies here! Happy trails.
  • Jan 7 – Day 113 Sat.
    I thought it was Friday all day! Every day blends into the next and it always feels like Saturday. At Dome Rock blm land they were going to show The Rocky Horror Picture Show movie. There are all kinds of hippie types there. Ha I guess they had the music going until 3 AM and then the sheriff was called to tell them to knock it off. Even in the desert you run into some rowdy folks. Happy trails.
  • Jan 6 – Day 112 Friday
    Well it was a spectacular sunset. After the gloomy day we had. My solar could not keep the battery topped off. So wrote my friends on Facebook who are in the Coachmen Beyond Owners Club. They told me the settings to put in the inverter so it likes the the new lithium battery. I have to change settings tomorrow. Wish me luck. Some one was killed on their bike on the road right by the campground. It was on a very dangerous stretch of Rt 95 heading to Quartzsite by the LVTA’s. At the very same time there was a […]
  • Jan 5 – Day 111 Thursday
    I thought there was a Wire Wrapping class today but no…had no afternoon session. Argh! Glad I didn’t plan anything else. Came back to camp and did some cricuting with my die cut machine. Looking forward to howling at the moon tomorrow. Happy trails.
  • Jan 4 – Day 110 – Weds.
    Went to Parker to pick up perscriptions. Easy in and out. I love staying with the same pharmacy. Love CVS! They always give you a slew of coupons. Then headed to Bouse to set up General Delivery mail. The Quartzsite mail person hates out of towners and you have to buy a PO Box for 6 months. I already have a Post Office Box for a year And a mail forwarding service. So for general delivery you just have to fill out a form. However, when I got to Bouse, the post office moved!! Yes totally different address!! So my […]
  • Jan 3 – Day 109 Tuesday
    Beautiful sky today, but very windy, not a cloud. What a difference a day makes. Love to see blue sunny skies! Working on straightening out pharmacies and getting prescriptions transferred. A once a year thing. Still waiting on mail to be returned so I can pay for it again twice to get it returned back to me since the park only has their own Post Office Box and does not accept people’s mail even though I called and asked if things could be sent! I found out the hard way. Now I’m paying for it twice to have it redelivered. […]
  • Jan 2 – Day 108 Monday
    Got a lot done today charging Jackerys, worked on cleaning teeth, redoing and deleting emails. So glad I still have Hulu at night where I can catch up on 60 years of General Hospital!! Longest running Daytime Drama EVER!! Still a lot of the same oldies are on the show. Started watching on April 1, 1963!! Quiet on the mountainside in Quartsite. Will be here for a while. Happy trails.
  • 2023 – Jan 1 – Day 107 Sunday
    Have to leave the RV Park today but ready for the desert. Heading to someplace where I can see the sunsets! Boy, did I see the sky! It opened up!! Winds were crazy! Out on BLM land. No rainbows today!! Welcome 2023! Happy trails!
  • Dec 31 – Day 106 Saturday New Year’s Eve
    Happy New Year everyone. Nice end to a crappy year. Party in the Clubhouse tonight at 6pm. Had lots of food. Played some games and left by 8pm. Felt like a baby shower. Ha Happy trails.
  • Dec. 30 – Day 105 TGIF Molly’s birthday!
    MOLLY’S BIG BIRTHDAY BASH! You only turn 40 once! Hang on to it!! I remember my 40th like it was yesterday. I could not believe I was turning 40. I felt 20 in my brain. Now that I’m up there in years, I see it’s just a number. Gotta keep your brain active to stay young. AGE IS JUST A NUMBER! Love these two! Also have a son Jeff who is 41 in PA. Hardly see him but he’s always working. He’s a May birthday! So I had May and December parties! Happy birthday Molly! She’s in Charleston for her […]
  • Day 29 – Day 104 Thursday
    Sewing shirt patches for local neighbors in the park. They are camp host at Devils Tower in Wyoming. They are the best camp hosts! Bobbie is the one that told me about Arizona Sun RV Park in Q. They have been coming here for years. She told me about the activities and I was sold. I ironed the shirts afterwords. I love sewing in the van. Happy trails.
  • Dec 28 – Day 103 Weds.
    Happy birthday to Classmate Bob North!! I always remembered his birthday on the 28th because we were always on Christmas Break at that time. Happy birthday to Margo Spaniel former coworker at the school system. Only contact is on Facebook now. And at funerals! Happy birthday to all the December birthdays! Had my wire making class today. It was a lot of fun! I love learning a new skill. Keeps the brain sharp. The other two will be my next projects. Thank you Pat for the extra wire! Happy trails.
  • Dec 27 – Day 102 Tuesday
    Was going to go on a road trip to look for Jasper rocks but it poured down rain all night. I was glad I took the gazebo and didn’t have to put it away wet. I do have to get up early tomorrow and head to a wire rapping class. We will make pendants from our rock cabochons that we sawed in the lapidairy class. I’ll post pics when done. Happy trails.
  • Dec 26 – Day 101 Monday
    Still trying to recuperate from eating all that good food yesterday. Marlene went to her basket making class and I stayed here and dumped my tanks and organize the inside of this camper. The stuff was piling up on the bed and I had to put it away. I have a wire wrapping class this week on Wednesday so I will have pictures of my craft. Molly made it back to South Carolina only to have the battery fail in her door which opens it by a keyfob. It wasn’t the battery in the key fob, It was the battery […]
  • Dec. 25 – Day 100! Christmas Day – Sunday
    Woohoo a 100 days on the road! I did not plan it this way but it just worked out that I would be in court site on Christmas Day on my 100th travel day. I’m really enjoying this park. It is close to town and you can ride your bike to all the activities. Price was right too. $275 for a whole month in December but it jumps to $550 in January due to the high season. They had a huge Christmas dinner today with lots of food. I brought air fried potato wedges and they seemed to go over […]
  • Dec 24 – Day 99 Christmas Eve
    Wonder how hoppin Quartzsite will be on Christmas Eve. They had a Christmas Eve gift exchange at the clubhouse. I didn’t go because I did not have a $10 gift. I probably could have gave them a few notepads that I’m making but there’s so much Covid going around I don’t like to be in big crowds. They are they are having a huge Christmas dinner here so looking forward to that. Merry Christmas to everyone and remember all the loved ones that left us this year. They are celebrating in heaven. Merry Christmas and Happy Trails.
  • Dec 23 – Day 98 TGIF
    Happy Birthday to brother Bob! I can’t believe my baby brother is 66! Seems like yesterday he was 5! Did some crafting in the gazebo today because it finally wasn’t windy. The nights are still too cold to sit out. It was 41°. I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas. Whether does not seem to be cooperating. I’m glad I’m in Arizona. Fingers crossed my house trailer is still in one piece at Lake Erie with those crazy winds. Happy trails.
  • Dec 22 – Day 97 Thurs
    It is the Christmas party and dinner for the Gem and Rock Club today held at the QIA. You just show up and eat! They may have entertainment too. Ha May go see my buddy Gunner at the yacht club with his band The Nomads from 6-10pm. Well change of plans, We walked over to a neighbor who is a rockhound and she showed us all her glow in the dark rocks. Computing in the gazebo. The sun was so bright I couldn’t see the screen so i bagged that idea. Next purchase is a black light so I can […]
  • Dec 21 – Day 96 Weds.
    Walked down to the laundromat. To wash clothes at the $1.25 and to dry is is .25 for 12 min. Not bad considering in town it’s $5 load. Walked down to Marlene’s rig and she made chocolate chip cookies. So I ate cookies while waiting for clothes to dry. I passed some out to the people in the park since she gave me a bag of them. They have a little library at the laundromat. So I picked up this book. Hopefully I’ll be able to make fancy cards soon. Happy trails.
  • Dec 20 – Day 95 Tues.
    I drove around today. Went to Ken’s grocery store. This is a discount scratch and dent grocery store and has some great finds. Quartzsite is known for cheap living. They have a new part called No Drama DOLLAR DEALS. It’s a store that’s full of Makeup, nail polish (.50) and tons of other stuff you can’t live without. Dog toys, tablecloths you name it…all for $1.00. I got some large elastics to go around my jean pant legs so I can ride my bike so it doesn’t rub the chain. Lots to do in Quartzsite! The Christmas Dinner is Thursday, […]
  • Dec 19 – Day 94 Monday
    The world is going to hell in a handbasket! Now the writers are getting rid of Nicholas Casadine on General Hospital. He plays a ruthless millionaire but he played it very well. He had a major storyline this month. It will be interesting how they get rid of him. He owns a castle after all. Ha You can tell it is a slow news day in the desert. I have to wait for it to come on Hulu after 8 PM to see today’s episode. Did some Cricut cutting today. Happy trails.
  • Dec 18 – Day 93 Sun
    Was a sad day for our family. We found out that my nephew, Andy, my brother’s son, was found dead in his house. He had been sick and left work as a postal worker. Went home and went to bed, Took some theraflu and never woke up. It is so sad and the family has lots of questions. The coroner’s office said it’s going to take about a month because of the big backlog they have in preparing autopsy reports. It is very important to take care of yourself and keep in contact with your relatives. You just never know […]
  • Dec 17 – Day 92 Sat.
    Went to another coin hunt. This time you could use earphones and I brought double batteries! However halfway through, metal detector start going crazy. It was picking up the signal from all the other metal detectors around me. It would kind of went hay wire the last half hour. They planted a lot of dimes And those were the hardest to find. Only found a few quarters. Total $4.35. I’ve got to rethink this investment. lol It is fun but I think I’m going to have to go out to the gold mines to really score some good stuff. The […]
  • Dec 16 – Day 91 – TGIF
    I went to a tumbler making class today. It was etching with the Cricut machine cut out stencil. You tape the stencil on, Put some stripping media on, Wait an hour and rub it off. They turned out really good. Happy trails.
  • Dec 15 – Day 90 Thurs.
    Cold!! Brrrr. 33°! Where is AZ warmth?? I got the furnace on and I’m still shivering!  It’s a 2 cup of coffee day! There is ice on the gazebo! Happy trails!
  • Dec 14 – Day 89 Weds.
    Well I finally dug out the metal detector. Tonight there is going to be a hunt at night where you team up with a partner and you swing the metal detector and the partner holds the flashlight and the digger trowel. Marlene offered to go with me as my flashlight and digger partner. For $5, we got to eat a potluck dinner there and freeze our butts off as the sun set in 47 weather. The wind was really blowing which made it feel colder. The club buried 2400 quarters in the desert. They section off the area in 4 […]
  • Dec 13 – Day 88 Tues.
    I feel a little better today and the sun is out. It’s going to sit outside today if it is not too windy. Well that wind was really cold and the high was only 50° so I didn’t sit out too long. I happened to see the windshield repair guy come by in his van. I stopped him and asked him if he could look at the chips in my window. He said sure and pulled in right in front of the van. He got out and assessed the hole in my windshield that I thought a pine cone had […]
  • Dec. 12 – Day 87 Monday
    Finally going to see if UPS will take this stupid package back. They’ve missed it twice. So gotta drive it to the UPS drop off station in town which means unhooking everything. But I will hit the grocery store too. Well I walked into the UPS store in town and handed over the package to them. Right as I was leaving, the UPS truck pulled in! Praise the Lord the package is headed back to Amazon. It contained the solar panel that the adapter would not fit the a Jackery power station as advertised. The connector was too short to […]
  • Dec 11 – Day 86 Sunday
    Happy birthday to my long-time friend, Judy McFadden! Judy was a secretary at our law firm and we had many years of tolerating attorneys. In a cold snap here. But I did get a summer surprise! Stopped at a farmers market and got some red peppers. Surprise! Found a green one growing inside the red one! How weird is that? It’s okay to be different! Happy trails.
  • Dec 10 – Day 85 Sat
    Weather was perfect for a yard sale. Lots of people came by. I made $5. Lots of lookers, no takers. But I did get to organize a lot and got it all-in-one tote bag! There is not a lot of storage in a Van when you craft. Now on to sewing!! At least I have a little more room on the bed now with it all piled up behind the driver’s seat. Some will end up in the free pile at the RTR rubber tramp rendezvous on January 13th-21st at the Town Park. Happy trails.
  • Dec 9 – Day 84 Friday
    Getting ready for the yard sale at tomorrow in the park. Everybody is setting their tables up in front of their trailers. They all have stuff that they got at the yard last year’s yard sale! Ha I dug out all my crafts and put them on 3 tables. Notepads, greeting cards, clutch coin purses, Cricuit designs with sayings made out of vinyl, tins for snacks. Happy trails.
  • Dec. 8 – Day 83 Thursday
    Having a guy look at the battery situation. Want to swith my AGMs with Lithium. First, I went to the Quartzsite Roadrunner Rock and Gem Club to sign up for classes and orientation. They have lots of different buildings some for metal, leather, silver smithing, lapidary, glass bead making and basket weaving. It is a really great group of people very talented. It gives me something to do in the desert. Quartzsite is full of activity. Happy trails.
  • Dec 7 – Day 82 Weds
    Getting ready for the craft show and making more note pads. I have the gazebo set up and the wind is cooperating. Everybody needs a notepad! Happy tails.
  • Dec 6 Tuesday Day 81
    Bingo tonight! Well I didn’t win anything but I did catch a cold. They got some hardcore bingo ladies in there. If it was just a straight bingo you, could enjoy it. But it’s all these shapes you have to make called crazy T, dog house, 4 corners and pryamid. Too stressful To find all the shapes when they’re calling the numbers fast. Give me the 4th grade variety! Ha Happy trails.
  • Dec 5 – Monday Day 80
    80 days on the road and it is flying by! Time really does fly when you are having fun! Went to the Gem and Rock club today. Great place to spend the afternoon. It’s only $20 a year and the classes are only $4. You can learn metal smithing, silver smithing, knife making, fasceting, Make glass beads and cabochons out of flat rocks. Beautiful stuff. There’s even a wood shop and a leather shop. Each shop has its own building Not enough hours in the day for all the fun. I will go over on Thursday and sign up for […]
  • Dec 4 – Day 79 Sunday
    The Arizona Sun RV Park won 1st prize! Great job gang! Only took them 3 days to put that together! Really fun parade! Happy trails!
  • Dec 3. – Day 78 Sat.
    The Quartzsite Christmas parade is today complete with camels. Starts at 6:30 pm. The rounds the town at 700pm. Well it turns out no camels in parade. Must have been to cold for them. 53° Saw Russ of RVerTV there. Marlene took selfies. It won first place. We sat right by the judges. Happy trails.
  • Dec. 2 Day 77 – Friday
    I got word from Amazon that the battery was attempted delivery. So they shipped it back to Yuma because they tried to deliver it when the office was closed. I’m getting a lithium battery for my van. I had to call Fedex so they could redeliver it to my site. It weighs 36 pounds. This way I can boondock in the D everything will run without starting the generator just to make coffee. Marlene got a site down the way. She is closer to the office. I love my big double site. Bingo is on Tuesday! Happy trails.
  • Dec 1 – Day 76 Thursday
    1st day at the park. It’s a great place. It has a laundry, showers, mail room, and Clubhouse. They are building a parade float for the December 3rd Christmas parade in Quartzsite. Very friendly people and I met Bobbie and her husband Harvey from Devil’s Tower, Wyoming. She had mentioned that she goes to Quartsite every year and It turns out and parked right across from her. She has a huge 5th wheel and a sise by side. They call these toy haulers Because you can put your side-by-side ATV right in the back of your rig. Happy trails.
  • Nov 29 – Day 74 Tuesday
    Beautiful sunsets on Plomosa Road. Very quiet and I didn’t see any mice. I put the string lights out in popped the hood on the Van so the critters won’t like the dark cozy place to make a nest. I put a solar light in the engine which keeps that live at night. I stopped by the Dollar General and got some hamburger and supplies. I had gotten water at Myra’s so I didn’t need anymore knowing that I would be at the park on December 1st. I love the desert it’s so quiet. It keeps the ringing in my […]
  • Nov 30 Day 75 Weds.
    Got settled in on Plomosa Rd. It is boondocking with no services. You bring your own water in, trash is packet in pack it out, and Use solar for power or the generator. Have lots of lights out and keep the mice away from under your rig. Happy trails.
  • Nov. 28 – Day 73 Monday
    Left for Quartzsite. It was about a 2 and a 1/2 hour ride Since Chandler is on the bottom side of Phoenix. They build a really nice bypass so you don’t have to go through downtown Phoenix anymore. They still drive like crazy there. Thank you for the great visit. Got settled in on Plomosa Rd. Happy trails.
  • Nov 27 – Day 72 Sunday
    Stay at Myra’s one more day. She has a cute little Class C. She parks it in her backyard with the 30th plug. Sweet. We painted rocks in the sunshine in her backyard which is beautiful. Big pistachio tree and a swimming pool. It was way too cold to swim and they have winterized it. We will leave in the morning for a Quartzsite. Thank you Myra.
  • Nov. 26 – Day 71 Sat.
    Went to Myra’s in Chandler AZ. She is very welcoming and has a great house. We painted rocks in the backyard under sunny skies. Life is good. Happy trails.
  • Nov. 25 -Day 70 Friday
    Still at Donnie and Rachel’s place. Going to head out tomorrow. Having internet problems and not having the bandwidth to upload the blog. Had a great time and ate way too much! Happy trails.
  • Nov. 24 – Thanksgiving Day Day 69
    Way too much food. Turkey and Ham! Donnie and Rachel outdid themselves! Great times with great, fun people in AZ. Happy Thanksgiving! Happy trails.
  • Nov. 23 Day 68 – Weds.
    Day before the big eating day! I swear I have seen more food the last few days than I ever have! Went on a ride in the Geo Tracker. What a fun little car. Rachel sure knows how to drive! Happy trails.
  • Nov. 21 – Day 66 Monday
    We had a great sunsets. My friend Marlene from New Hampshire joined me in her Roadtrek van. Great State Trust Land. Happy trails.
  • Nov. 22- Day 67 Tuesday
    Went to a ghostown/movie set. Gammons Gulch is owned by Jay and Jeanne Gammons and bought some land and rebuilt the entire town from the ground up. Ghostowns gave them old buildings and all the props of old buildings and movie sets. Really cool. If you are ever in Benson, AZ, look up and visit. They would love to have you. Happy trails.
  • Nov. 20 – Day 65 Sunday
    Great spot but lots of kangroo rats but we have them under control. We set out lots of traps. Got 5. All in one night. Happy trails.
  • Nov. 18 – Day 63 Friday
    Took the gazebo down and started packing up. Leaving Kartchner Caverns tomorrow. Had asphalt driveway so no staking in the ground. Had to improvise by runing guywires to dirt along the bottom. Got it down. Lots of crickets! Happy trails.
  • NOV. 19 – Day 64 Sat.
    Happy birthday to my DEAREST friend, Barb Thornton. May you have a great day fellow Scorpio! Left Kartchner Caverns. Went to Safeway and Dollar Tree. Really good one in Benson. Found a great camping spot nearby. Happy trails.
  • Nov. 17 – Day 62 Thursday
    Hiked a trail at Kartchner Caverns. Led tto a bat bridge. No thank you! Sort of like a trumpet vine. Cool flowers. Had a campfire too. Dark sky park. Happy trails.
  • Nov 16 – Day 61 Weds.
    Happy birthday to my brother, Thom and Rick “Vic” Vittorio, and Laura Dulay special Scorpios! NOVEMBER seems to be the month for all the cool birthdays. Lol It’s 27゚ in Benson, Arizona. It is about as far South before you get to Mexico as you can get and it’s still cold in the high is only 57. I’m slowly working my way to Quartzsite where hopefully it will be warmer. I am at Kartchner Caverns in Benson AZ and it was beautiful when I got here Tuesday and temps quickly plummeted. 27° tonight. Happy trails.
  • Nov. 15 – Day 60 Tuesday
    Happy birthday to me! And to Alan Warf, the Barefoot Biker who I met in Custer, South Dakota. Must have been a special day for parents in the 50’s! Valentne’s Day that year… 9 months earlier! Good times! I will celebrate with a bottle of wine at my new campsite in AZ. For now, I’m going to sleep in since I’m on a 2 hour time difference! Mountain Time now.  Nighty nite! Happy trails.
  • Nov 13 – Day 58 Sunday
    Drove through Deming, New Mexico and onto a great little stop at the Gage NM rest area woth cute little kiosk. Be safe out there. Happy trails.
  • Nov. 12 – Day 57 Saturday
    At another Harvest Host, Premian Basin Petroleum Museum in Midland TX. FANTASTIC display of mineing and drilling tools, pioneer clothing and displays of how oil comes out of the ground. Great movie and interactive displays. Underwater aquarium display of fossils. Happy trails.
  • Nov. 11 – Day 56 – TGIF
    Happy birthday Alice Patterson! Friend and Neighbor. Enjoy your day! Happy Veterans Day. Thank you Vets for your service! Rest stop at Westwood Rest Area. Pouring rain all night and into next day. Waited for it to stop before venturing on. Happy trails.
  • Nov 10 – Day 55 Thurs.
    Drove to Abiline TX. Stayed at a rest area. Had a great pizza at a Big Horn Grill and Shell gas station. Arizona here I come. Happy trails.
  • Nov. 9 – Day 54 Weds.
    CMA’s are on tonight. Love country rock. New favorite is Morgan Wallen. At Hannah’s Quilts in Choudrant LA in the Bayou state. Darling shop in the middle of the country. She is a Harvest Host host. Harvest Host lets you stay for free fir one night. Just 5 miles off I-20. Real convenient. Happy trails.
  • Nov. 14 – Day 59 – Monday
    Beautiful area and quiet. Texas Canyon resr area in Benson AZ! Happy Trails.
  • Nov. 8 – Day 53 Tues.
    Election Day…  not sure anybody is interested or even cares in Mississippi! At a really nice rest area in Mississippi. Water, bathrooms, on-site security guard, and very quiet. Lots of rest areas do not let you stay the night. Glad I stopped. Hope who you voted for won! Happy trails.
  • Nov. 7. – Day 52 Monday
    Left Molly’s place at 10am. Drove to Tuscaloosa Alabama. Got here at 4:30pm. 5.5 hr drive. I tried Alabama rest areas, No overnight stays are allowed.. I tried 3 more rest areas. No go. Then I tried Travel America plaza in AL. Had 1 spot left behind a big rig. So heard the rumble of reefer trucks all night. These are refrigerator trucks that need to be kept on. Did a lot of research on other places to sleep. This is the hardest part of Nomad life. Always looking for overnight stays. But I wouldnt have it any other way. […]
  • Nov. 6 – Day 51 Sunday
    After the waterfall boat ride, we came back to camp and had stirfry. It was really good. About 4:45pm Molly decides she wants to go for a hike to look for these flowers, that come to find out, only bloom in the Spring. So we headed out for an easy 1.5 mile loop hike. Note to self: Never start a hike at 5pm. We had not gone but a quarter mile when Molly spots a bear!  We both freeze in our tracks! I said 2 of them!! So we immediately turned around an Molly started clapping her hands and talking […]
  • Nov. 2 – Day 47 Wednesday
    Last day at the Indian Boundary Campground in TN. Great olace for $15 a night with great hot showers and flush toilets, trash and a dump station. Only down side is no cell service but I do get ABC on the TV so I get to catch up on General Hospital! Happy trails.
  • NOV 1 – Day 46 Tuesday
    Last day the campground is open for the season in the National Forest. The overflow is open for $5 a night with water, trash and bathrooms. So will stay 2 nights. There is no cell service here even with the booster and Nomad Internet. I will have to wait until Friday to get service after I leave. There are a lot of hunters here. All in orange with hound dogs hunting Hog bears. They said they are smaller bears and dogs can run for miles, chase them up a tree and then they wait for hunters to find them. Some […]
  • Nov. 5 – Day 50 Sat.
    Molly had booked a river waterfall tour for today and it poured down rain all day. It was from 10-2pm. It was on a pontoon boat with 8 other people. It had a roof so at least we didn’t get too wet. The boat also had blankets because of the wind and rain. It was beautiful on Lake Jacasse. Happy trails.
  • NOV. 4 – Day 49 TGIF
    Leaving for South Carolina. Have to get out of TN and head to North Carolina first! Will meet up with Molly today at Lake Jacosee i Salem SC. Boy was she upset. My bad that my text did not go thru to her for 5 days. She was so worried she called the Highway Patrol in TN, NC and SC looking for me! It wasn’t until I got to Robinsonville TN that I got cell service to call her from a mountaintop senic overlook to explain while I was MIA. Having no phone, no internet and no cell service, i […]
  • Nov. 3 – Day 48 Thurs.
    No cell service at Indian Boundary overflow lot. Somehow I missed this post. I thought it was posted but it was floating in cyberspace! I think I was cutting up fabric in anticipation of my visit to the quilt shop that is a Harvest Host host. On the road to Lake Jacosee in SC. Happy trails.
  • Oct  31 – Day 45 Monday
    Happy Halloween! These folks in TN really know how to do HALLOWEEN! Every yard had great decorations! Went to Cherokee National Forest  and Indian Boundary Campground. I went to the Ranger Station first and met a ranger from Oklahoma. He gave me a lot of brochures on the different areas of Cherokee National Forest. $15 a night w electric. Great site. BUT NO CELL SERVICE! They close Nov. 2 so everyone has to be out by 2pm Wednesday. I lucked out getting this campsite until I meet up with Molly on the 4th. Happy trails.
  • Oct. 30 – Day 44 Sunday
    Yesterday, on my way to the winery on a rural a truck and trailer carrying bales of hay had a few roll off and hit a car in front of me. That blinking noise was my hazard lights. You never know what you’re going to run into on the road! Happy trails.
  • Oct.29 – Day 43 Sat.
    Delmonaco Winery is awesome on the outskirts of Baxter TN. Free Harvest Host site. Great wine and great overnight stay! Happy trails.
  • Oct. 28 – Day 42 TGIF
    Stayed at Storyteller’ss Hideaway Ranch Johnny Cash’s house he stayed when he wanted to escape Nashville and Memphis It is a Harvest Host site and you get to stay free for the night. Really cool place. It was very cold at night. But slept great. The Man in Black liked his toys. Happy trails.
  • Oct. 27 – Day 41 Thursday
    Left Lock A Campground and will head to Johnny Cash’s ranch called Storytellers Hideaway Ranch in Lyles, TN. It’s about 50 miles away and very close to the people who camped next to me. They were at group of seniors that all go to church together and camp together. Joyce’s husband passed away and she has gotten herself a MiniLite trailer. She pulls that thing like a champ by a pretty red truck. She’s an inspiration to Girl Campers everywhere. Happy trails.
  • Oct. 26 – Day 40 Wednesday
    Started to do some Cricut cutting and I couldn’t find my mats! I hate when I rearrange the van!! So after 30 minutes, I gave up and started to pack up stuff so I can hit Johnny Cash’s Hideaway Ranch an hour and a half away. It is called Storytellers Hideaway Ranch and it is outside Nashvillle. He used to go here to get away from the crowds. And you should see the garage! Even rhe event venue where and Loretta used to sing. Stained glass windows! More pics tomorrow. Happy trails.
  • Oct. 24 – Day 38 – Monday
    At a beautiful campground on Lake Cumberland by the Cheatham Dam. Built by the Corps of Engineers. Nice lake with boaters. Big campsites on cement pads. All level! Happy trails.
  • Oct. 25 – Day 39 – Tuesday
    Strangest trees I have ever seen in my life. They have roots that grow up and look like gnomes! Somebody said they were a type of cedar. Has ball looking growths like black walnuts but have a weird shape. Have to investigate! Happy trails.
  • Oct. 22- Day 36 – Sat.
    Cracker Barrel to the rescue! I can’t check in until Sunday at 2:00pm so I went looking for the grave of Merriweather Lewis of Lewis and Clark Expedition. He is buried 30 miles away so I thought I’d go find his grave and Monument. Well, that was a bust. GPS took me in a circle. There were no signs but it is clearly marked on the tourist maps! So after going down some pretty shady roads, I had two different trucks follow me. I turned around when they started gaining on me. I’m not sure if they were caretakers of […]
  • Oct. 23 – Day 37 – Sunday
    Quiet night at Cracker Barrel. They even have RV slots for bigger rigs. I found a nice spot under a tree so I was out of the way. Heading to Lock A Campground at Cheatham Dam in Ashland City TN outside Nashville. Saw a huge black stretch limo on Rt 40 heading to Nashville. Wonder if it was Keith Urban or Tim McGraw? Had a beautiful day visiting this park. The Corvette Club was there too. Didn’t get the pic of them, but they took up the entire parking lot at the Visitor Center. Happy trails.
  • Oct. 21 – Day 35 – Friday
    Tennessee Rest Areas do not allow overnight parking. So had to go for Plan B. Spent the night at Bennet County Rest Area on I-40. Quiet for a parking spot off the freeway! I didnt have any place to stay so opted from getting close to my next campground. I usually boondock, but there are so many RVers out here they are all taking the spots. It’s like the name of your favorite babysitter. You don’t want to devulge their name or they won’t be available the next time you need them to sit! Happy trails.
  • Oct. 20 – Day 34 Thursday
    Check out day. Can’t believe the Mississippi River is 10′ below where it should be. The barges are all stuck and the riverboats are grounded. GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL. Happy trails.
  • Oct 19 – Day 33 – Weds.
    At Meeman- Shelby State Park. Lots of campers coming into the park. Very cold 32° at night. Mostly just spending one night then moving on. No dogs barking. Yeah! Had the furnace on all night! Happy trails.
  • Oct. 18 – Day 32 – Tuesday
    Spent a noisy night at the Bass Pro Shop parking lot ubder I-40! Click click all night long. At least I was only 3 hrs. away from Dogwood Ridge Campground in the Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park in Millington, TN, right outside Memphis. Quiet campground. 3 nights of bliss. Happy trails.