2021-2022 Winter camping. Snowbirds take flight!

Lake Whitney, Texas

2021-2022 Winter camping. Snowbirds take flight! Once again I am on the road.

I started out in Ohio, went to Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona tomorrow.

Not bad for leaving Oct. 22, 2021 for a month and a half!

Follow along with my adventures! Happy trails.

Glamper Jan

My Latest Posts

  • Sept. 27 – Day 11 Tuesday
    Checked in at Bismark Lake Campground. Got the last one first come first served for 5 nights. The Gods were shining upon me.  $14 a night with trash and water. That is the hardest thing to find. Is places to dump your trash. I use gas stations in small bags. I can get the sewing machine out now!! Happy trails.
  • Sept. 26 – Day 10 Monday
    Staying at Harvest Host Naughti Girl Winery in Hill City. Decided to stay for the Buffalo around up on Friday Sept. 30. Wonderful weather by supposed to rain this weekend fir the arts show. So sad. I feel for the vendors. Happy trails.
  • Sept. 25 – Day 9 – Sun.
    Drove to Custer State Park and all over. It’s a huge State Park. Lots of buffalo, elk, and deer. Burros block the road. Big signs Do No Feed The Wildlife. People ignoring it. Stupid Americans. Beautiful park. Lots of driving. Buffalo take their time crossing the road too. Happy trails.
  • Sept. 24 – Day 8 Sat.
    Went to breakfast at the pavilion. It was crepe day. Had chocolate chips, bananas and all kinds of fruit and bacon!! Snd whipped cream. Then I got the Cricuit out and made a decal for a girl’s trailer she called Trailer Swift! Ha Then later was Capture the Flag game. Western theme so you had to wear cowboy attire. I wore my light up hat. Then we had a raffle and had great prizes. It wasa fun week. Happy trails.
  • Sept. 23 – Day 7 TGIF
    Shooting for Mount Rushmore tomorrow. It was so foggy today. I got 4 miles outside of town and couldn’t see the road or cars coming towards me so I turned around and left due to the fog. So I stayed back at the camp site and got a lot done. Had a Mini craft show at the campsite pavilion. Lots of Girl Camper merchandise also. Went to a watercolor class and a fly fishing class. A Picasso it is not. Happy trails.
  • Sept. 22 – Day 6 Thursday
    Made it to Girl Camporee in Custer SD! Great time with about 100 other campers. Lots of fun activities. GREAT SWAG BAG! Happy trails.
  • Sept 21 – Day 5 Weds.
    Did the Corn Palace and the Prehistor Indian Dig site in Mitchell SD. First day of Camporee!
  • Sept. 20 Day 4 Tuesday
    Spent the night in a very noisy truckstop. Should have stayed at the sculpture park. I got in late and they were booked. Headed to Porter Sculpture Park in Mitchell SD. Have a campground for the night. It is also a Harvest Host host. Happy trails.
  • Sept. 19 – Day 3 Monday
    Sister Lynne died of pancreatic cancer two years ago today. She was born January 19 and died September 19. I think she knew people would remember that date that way. But I’m sure she had other plans. She is in a better place with no worries or pain. I sang a Kacey Musgraves song to her. You’ll always have a rainbow hanging over your head”…it will all be alright. Had the most beautiful rainbows (3) last night in Illinois. Happy trails.
  • Sept 18 – Day 2 Sunday
    Stayed at the best IL rest area Twin Rivers Rest area in Minooka IL. Staying at the Lavender Crest Winery in Colona IL tonight. Happy trails.
  • Sept. 17 – Sat. D-Day for me
    Left at 9am. If I forgot anything, I’ll  buy it on the road to stimulate the local economy. Ha Stopped for 30 minutes had to shut the van off. Had some issues with the tire sensors. Front driver was reading 101° w 80 lbs of pressure but guage said 67 like it’s supposed too. Back inside dulley read same. I think it was because the tires sat so long and developed a flat side. All good at rest area where I rechecked them and pit new batteries in the guage so it wasn’t the fault of the guage. I’ll check […]
  • Sept. 16 – TGIF
    So I got up super early and he came and got set up to winterize. While he was here I mentioned that my shower head was real crappy and I had a new one but I didn’t want to break it getting the old one off. He said “oh I can do it for you.” Score!! Thank you Rick it looks great! I’ll winterize now I can load the camper in the bike and head out tomorrow! Happy trails.
  • Sept. 15 – Thursday
    Winterizing the trailer. No water in pipes, Nothing down drains. Have to put tape on sinks so I don’t forget! Well the guy never showed up. When I called, he was out to lunch! So he calls me back at 2:30 and said clerk said I had a question. I said yeah, where are you?? I am leaving for SD on Sat and have to get it done today! He said oh we can’t do it today but I do have a guy over there right now he should be there in 5 minutes I said ok. So I go […]
  • Sept. 14 – Weds.
    Took the Prius to the Winter storage lot. Guy was super nice and even gave me a ride home. Wasn’t cheap but it is close to Kamp Kozy and I could walk to it if I had too. I’ll miss my trusty steed. Mike dropped me off by the van and so I moved it in front of the trailer so I could pack it. I’m quickly running out of room. I always pack way too many clothes so I’m gonna tackle that today after I load the bike. Happy trails.
  • Sept. 13 – Tues.
    Made some bumper stickers for Lakeside. This is a little church camp from the 1930’s that is on the peninsula of Marblehead, where I live. It turned into its own little city on the tip of the island where the lighthouse is situated. This statute has been here for years welcoming visitors to the drive through probably 1960’s. It has that Route 66 vibe. The drive through is long gone. Love this little piece of paradise. OHIO Happy trails.
  • Sept. 12 – Monday
    Will head to Walmart to fill up 5 gallon water jugs for drinking. Saves so much plastic. Save our planet, use a reusable water bottle. I plan on leaving Sat. or Sunday depends on weather and what I get done between now and then. It is supposed to rain 5″ all thru Iowa so keeping an eye on that cold front. At least it’s raining in SoCal! Maybe it will help the smoke jumpers and firefighters there. Happy trails.
  • Sept. 11 – Sun.
    Remember 911 and the attacks on the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon and the people who lost their lives in the field in Pennsylvania. RiP. Stay safe and love one another. Happy birthday to neighbor, Janie! The big one! You wear it well! Happy trails.
  • Sept. 10 – Sat.
    Had a whole day of prepping the van. So many spiders and I just washed it!! Hoping the wind blows them off. Just beautiful weather here. Big puffy clouds and blue skies. Nite ya’ll. Happy trails.
  • Sept. 9 – TGIF
    Final pump out of black tank! Will use shower house until I leave on 17th Last year they forgot to winterize the popes in the showerhouse and the pipes burst. So when everybody came back in the Spring, there were no bathrooms. Hopefully, the remember this year. Got the tanks emptied. So last splash of antifreeze and we are all good. I always put extra on the drains. It gets cold up here! Looking forward to the open road. Happy trails.
  • Sept. 8 – Thursday
    They are putting in docks for the weekend-long boat show right behind my trailer. Within a day they will be jammed with boats. The docks were full within 3 hours. Cone buy a boat. Happy trails.
  • Sept 7 – Weds
    Still packing clothes. Man how did I accumulate all these t-shirts. Have ti purge soon. I hope to see most of these nomads again this Winter. I feel obligated to buy a t-shirt to show my support. I think I’ll stick to rock stars. Running out of room in the Van. Between the crafts and the sewing items, I’m running out of sleeping space. I’m getting excited I’m going to make a real effort today to purge some stuff I haven’t used in a year! I put clothes in the pillows because the overhead bins are full of craft supplies. […]
  • Sept. 6 – Tues.
    Went to post office to pick up mail and pay fee for another year of the post office box. Honest, it is so convenient when you don’t have a physical address. I will have it forwarded starting the 15th. Goes to Crestview FL with Passport America. They are great people. Last year, I was passing through and picked up my mail. It saved me postage by picking it up. Felt like Christmas. They don’t forward magazines so I get the digitally on line. Even the library has an app called Libby and you can sign up for audio books or […]
  • Sept. 5 – Monday Labor Day
    Happy Labor Day! The campground was wild with a crowded pool party and cannonball contests. This weekend is a poker run. Next weekend (24th) is Halloween here. Too bad I will miss it. Kids always look great. I leave the 17th so still lots to do in order to leave on time. I’ve been baking like a fool. Blueberry biscuits in the airfryer takes 6 minutes. No hot kitchen! And straight into the freezer for truckstop breakfast! Happy trails!
  • Sept. 4 – Sunday
    I can’t believe a week is gone by already. It’s Grandma Shea’s birthday, my Mom’s Mom. Born in 1891. She would have been 131 years young.  She raised 5 kids through the Depression. She would be rolling in her grave thinking of the times we are living in now.  This should be the land of plenty, The greatest country in the world. Instead we are scrambling for food and shelter. No so much clothing. Just go to a Goodwill. People are losing their houses and forced to downsize. While people in Jackson Mississippi still don’t have water or power after […]
  • Sept 3. – Sat.
    Rained a little bit today so it kept the boaters in the docks. I don’t mind if it rains because I get to go upstairs and sew. Now if it wasn’t 92°,  it would be way more pleasant in the sewing loft. This is what a 30′ sewing room looks like crammed into a loft. I still have a lot of work to do! But at least I can see that floor now! Which needs cleaning! Always something!! Happy trails.
  • Sept. 2 – TGIF
    After getting the van washed, I decided to start packing it for the winter. The awning delivery has been postponed once again. Now they are talking about October some time. This happened in March!! Patience is a virtue they say. So for now I have a bar on the top of my camper where an awnimg should be. Happy Labot Day and happy trails.
  • Sept. 1 – Thursday
    I cannot believe that it is September already. I remember when it was May and it was hot.  It seems like it never did get cooled off. I truly believe in global warming. I think this is going to be the norm from now on. I’m just hoping out in the desert that it doesn’t get too hot. Last year, it was always cool and always windy. Even in Arizona, there was always a breeze. New Mexico is a different story it’s very windy there. I think I will try to wash the van today. I’ll be the 1st time […]
  • Aug. 31 – Weds.
    Gathered all my fingernail polish for my trip. I must admit I have an addiction to fingernail polish. I think it started when I was a secretary and stared at my hands all day while typing. Always liked something different every week. I liked to mix it up. Then I met an attorney named Larissa and she admitted she had over 200 bottles of fingernail polish! I told her I think I had her beat! She and I had a passion for nails, long or short! Ha Let the decorating begin! Happy trails.
  • Aug. 30 – Tuesday
    Hate when I can’t remember what day it is! Must mean time is flying! I was having one of those days!! Getting ready for long trips is always a crazy time! Happy trails.
  • Aug. 29 – Monday
    Was gonna wash the van but it rained so God did it for me! I did wash the car because it was pretty spidery too. Went to the the post office and my Google Maps just keeps drawing the same lines over and over again! Ha I do have a routine! It is usually Eat, Sew, Repeat! But now that I am addicted to the Cricuit, it’s Eat, Craft, Repeat. Happy trails.
  • Aug. 28 – Sunday
    Molly got up early to drive back to Columbus. She had lunch plans at 12:30 and it’s about a 2.5 hr. drive. So she helped me with some designs and we had a great creativity time doing Cricut stuff. She made some Birthday cards on the Cricut and some Housewarming cards. Really cute! Happy trails.
  • Aug. 27 – Sat.
    Daughter, Molly came up from SC today. We are planning on attending the Lakeside Annual Garage sale. They have antiques, furniture for patio and lake cottages, arts and crafts and plants. All the little shops are open and it’s fun to walk around. You pay $8.00 per car to park because it’s a gated community. Only opens twice a year and when they have special concerts. I got really cool stripped chairs two years ago for $2! We saw lots of cool items but we both are downsizing and so we only bought really cool stuff! Ha They had a […]
  • Aug 26 – TGIF
    Washed the windows today. I have a long pole and use a Swifter head with a microfiber cloth. Seems to work pretty well. Going to try my Etsy shop again. Molly is my inspiration. She keeps saying “Mom, you can make that!” So I guess instead of giving this stuff away, I’ll help out the dog shelters with towels, blankets. Maybe sell a few items. As long as I can move this fabric along so I get get some good stuff!! Lol We will hit the Lakeside Antique show on Saturday. Happy trails.
  • Aug.  25 – Thursday
    Awning did not come in.  Maybe next week. FINGERS STILL CROSSED! Been trying to pack to head west. The van is so full of spiders. It is really a mess. I have sprayed for spiders but it doesn’t seem to help. There is always a breeze here and where there is air movement there will be spiders. Molly coming up tomorrow.  We will do Lakeside this weekend. Those little shops are cute. Happy trails.
  • Aug. 24 – Weds.
    I decided to put window tinting on the sliding door because the sun just beats in on there on that side all day until the sun gets around to the porch side. It can be 77 and beautiful out and and 85 and hot in here. I have a little window air conditioner and it runs constantly. I have 26 windows in this living room. I have to keep the shades pulled because the sun just beats in here. There’s a world of difference in my sewing room after putting that window tinting on the windows. I’m trying to stay […]
  • Aug. 23 – Tuesday
    Still waiting on the awning to come in. I guess they are recalling 5000 of them with the 2022-2023 models of all Forest River campers and RVs. Some even had their axels put on backwards!! I would not but a new RV ever again. Especially with Covid replacement workers. They didn’t read the instructions on the axels! My awning replacement is because of the Sedona haboo that decided to descend on my campsite and flip the thing over. Sounded horrible! Glad it didn’t break the solar panels. I’ll call dealer again! Well I just called and they said the delivery […]
  • Aug. 22 – Jeannine’s birthday
    Jeannine Kemple is one of our DEAREST CLUB members. The other one is Barbara Thornton. We started this “club” 20+ years ago when we all worked with each other at a church. We all had the same gripes in common so I thought we needed a club. So the DEAREST was born. We have kept in touch with each other over the years and we make a big deal of birthdays! No matter where we are in the country! I’m on the road, Jeannine is in Maine and Barb (Louise to my Thelma) is in Worthington OH. We used to […]
  • Aug. 21 – Sunday
    Another morning storm but not as bad as yesterday. Going to tackle the upstairs window tinting now. It went on pretty easy. Surprisingly! Just use a lot of water! I did the sewing loft windows and it really awesome a difference up here! See thru from the inside but mirror from the outside and they can’t see in. I’m happy with it even though on one window over the bed I was a 1/2″ too short! Hard to balance on knees putting it on. And then dropping the squeegee between the built-in bed and the wall was a lot of […]
  • Aug 20 – Sat.
    Rained like crazy again! Stayed in and started piles to take to camper. Went to Post Office to forward mail. I use Pasdport America in Crestview FL and they do a good job of emailing me with what’s in my box. I tell them where I am, and they send it to me. Works pretty good. They won’t do magazines so I have them all sent digtitally. They will scan items that you just want to look at and not mail to you. Pretty good set up for travelers. MyRVMail.com through Passport America. Happy trails.
  • Aug. 19 – TGIF
    This would have been my 44th wedding anniversary. It was a hot muggy day in an  air-conditioned church. Reception was in the basement of the church. Yes. Also not air-conditioned. I surprised the cake didn’t melt. I was married 15 years and stuck it out as long as I could. Sometimes you just grow apart.  I raised my 2 kids and it worked out ok. They have a good relationship with their Dad. Well enough about that! I tinted the windows tonight in the park model. That sun beats in those windows in the back bedroom that it gets hot! […]
  • Aug  18 – Thurs.
    Bought some new Dawgs in a Pirate theme. Love me some Captian Jack! These shoes are so comfortable! Getting ready to pack the camper. Have to wait for awning to come in next week before I pack it all because they have to tear into electronics. Hope they can use the same bracket as it’s bolted to the roof. I made a ton of food for the trip to put on the freezer Chicken, BBQ ribs, chicken and rice, short ribs. Still need to do some baking. Hope my freezer is big enough! Happy trails.
  • Aug. 17 – Weds.
    Went to the post office but trying to stay off my blistered feet! So I sewed a while and will now mow the grass since it’s a little cooler. Took the hammock down since it was supposed to rain but I’m glad it missed us! Beautiful clouds and blue sky. Getting itchy feet so as soon as awning gets on, I’m packing that van! Making meals for the freezer to take on the road. All day job tomorrow. I bought some window tinting so I can put it on the windows so sun doesn’t blast in there. Happy trails.
  • Aug. 16 – Tuesday
    The boys left last night after Cedar Point so didn’t get much time with them. Julian wanted Garret to see his highschool. I rested my blistered feet from walking 12 hours… 8am – 8pm at Cedar Point. Had huge blisters in 3 places. Wonder how hikers do it!! I had moleskin saddles on and they were very comfortable. But you couldn’t believe all the people in flip-flops riding those rides! Crazy! I rode the sky ride and the train and that was my speed! Happy trails!
  • Aug. 14 – Sunday
    Drove to Columbus to get Grandson Julian so he and his buddy could go to Cedar Point. His buddy coming from PA and driving about 6 hours so I thought I’d get Julian to save him the 2 hr. drive Columbus. I stopped by my brother’s house to get my mail and voter registration. There was a huge wreck right where I needed to turn at a very large intersection on the way to his house. This car had driven right between 2 very large poles with all 4 doors smashed. I hope all occupants are ok. Be safe out […]
  • Aug. 13 – Saturday
    I worked on finishing a quilt I made on the road. I just started cutting out triangles to get rid of the fabric that I was hauling around in the van. Now on to putting the backing on and binding it. Will be glad when that one is done. Driving to Columbus tomorrow to get grandson. He and his buddy from PA want to go to Cedar Point on Monday. Should be great weather! Slightly overcast so no sun beating on you! Happy trials.
  • Aug. 15 – Cedar Point Monday
    It’s finally here! Been waiting all Summer for this day to get to go to Cedar Point Amusement Park with 17 yo grandson Julian. He and a buddy Garret from PA are going together to ride the roller coasters. Haven’t seen him in a few years so it was quite a shock to see a 6’4″ man get in my car! Wow he grew! They had a blast on the coasters Crazy coasters, beautiful weather. They left to go back to Columbus. Happy trails.
  • Aug. 12 Friday
    Lots of people at the Marina today eeking out the last moments of summer. Kids headed back to school soon so I am sure it will be crowded again this weekend. I am waiting on the dealership to call about the awning. Supposed to get it installed on the van Aug. 24. We shall see. Right now it is just the bracket, no wires. Hope it gets in on time I guess it’s 105° in Fresno today. Yikes! Saw this van and it looks like something our campground would love! Maybe thats my new paint job for the van. Happy […]
  • Aug 10- Weds.
    My horoscope told me to ignore the home chores so I did. Spent the day Cricuting and downloading designs. Love that machine. Headed to clean out the van for the awning installed next week. Happy trails.
  • Aug. 11 – Thursday
    WOW August is flying by. I feel like I have to rush to pack the van. It is just a little more than a month and I am on the road for 7 months. I’m headed to South Dakota and parts unknown in Sept. – May. So many loose ends to tie up before I leave. I need new glasses. These are so scratched up they are blurry and not sure I can wait for Mexico. So Walmart it is! Have to call guy about winterizing the park model. I always did my old trailers myself but he does it […]
  • Aug. 9 – Tuesday
    Happy birthday to Carolyn Burns, my camping buddy. She has a darling Lazy Daze Class C. This rig is beautiful inside. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Carolyn. Happy trails.
  • Aug. 8 – Monday
    Another storm!! Decided to go to Aldi’s in Sandusky 21 miles away. Man, food has gotten expensive! I just bought essentials. Still close to $300. Food for 6 months. They had cool summer items too. Got these bug zapper lightbulbs that work 3 ways. The zapper alone, light and bug zapper together or just porch light alone. They screw in your porch light. light. The bulb was too fat for the globe lantern so had to take the housing off the porchlight and then the light just screwed in the socket. It works great. When I had the porch light […]
  • Aug. 7 – Sunday
    Still Muggy!! Another rainstorm around 6pm. Seems to be the norm. I will have to go to Aldi’s to stock up on camping trip and Julian’s visit. Those boys can eat! I started a pile in the corner of the front room to take stuff to South Dakota. Hate to pack the van so early because it’s going in the shop on the 24th to get the awning replaced. They have to run all new wiring. Hope they don’t have to drill any additional holes. I really hate it when it’s in the shop. That’s my house for 6 months. […]
  • Aug. 6 – Sat.
    Julian, grandson, should be returning from Canada today. Can’t wait to hear his stories. He is supposed to come up with a friend to Cedar Point amusement park next Monday the 15th. The price of the tickets have skyrocketed over the years. Then with the pandemic, they lost a lot of revenue when people had to stay at home. Now that people can get out again, they have gone cashless and you have to but their cards for even a bottle of water. This should be interesting to see how this all plays out. Very muggy still here at the […]
  • Aug. 5 – TGIF
    I talked to Mickey and she was heading to Toledo hospital to be with Steve who was getting was getting his defibrillator today today. They live in Columbus and she babysits an Akron for her daughter so she has a lot of back-and-forth driving in her future. Steve is not supposed to sail for 6 weeks weeks and that will drive him nuts. We had a bad storm here in the middle of the day, but then it cleared up. I worked on the Cricut die cutting machine all day and made some cute signs for the bathroom. Lol Happy […]
  • Aug. 3 – Weds.
    Got a call around 8:00pm. It was my friend from highschool, Mickey. She and her hubby Steve have a sailboat in Huron. She had to babysit in Akron so he decided to take the boat out to Kelly’s Island. Well it was 91° and even though you are on the lake, it still feels like a blast furnace. He made it to Kelly’s and got sick and felt dizzy. He asked the guy at the marina for some help and he was in bad shape. So the paramedics took him off the island, had to leave the sailboat, and took […]
  • Aug. 4 – Thursday
    Mickey and Mica slept upstairs on the blowup bed. I never heard them so I guess they slept pretty soundly up there. It was hot! Had a van on and the downstairs AC on so it was bearable. They are supposed to do the Cath on Steve today. I’ll check in with her later. She and Mica drove to Akron to drop her off at her daughter’s house. Then she will drive back to Toledo to wait for results of cath. It was nice having house guests. Even the 4-legged kind. They have to get the boat back to Huron […]
  • Aug  2 – Tuesday
    Was another hot one! 89° heat index of 100°! Yikers So I did indoor stuff. I did go to the hardware store and get a new GFI outlet for the porch. The old one got fried when I plugged the repaired cord in it. It sparked and quit working. Sometimes they do that when they are older.  It’s a 2011 Park Model and I think it just wore out. Well I put my big girl pants on and tried to find the breaker that went to the outside outlet but could not find the breaker in the panel. So I […]
  • Aug. 1 – Monday
    Can’t believe it’s August already! After sweating so bad cutting grasses, I decided to hop on the pool. Man, it felt great. Sans kids.  I couldn’t go last night because it was a kid’s pool party w hotdogs and ice cream. Lots of candy wrappers on the ground. It will get real quiet during the week  which I love.  Been cricuting a lot. Love all that vinyl I got at the craft show  nice quality stuff. I always look for funny saying and hopefully I can make them come out correctly on the cutting machine. I tried this one. I […]
  • July 31 – Sunday
    Instead of neighbor Janie get your gun, it’s Janie get your weedwacker! We both tackled the tall grasses on the beach. Looks like night and day now. I’m so over weedwacking! Headed to the pool! It was a very refreshing dip in the pool. Came back to the camper and ate ice cream and fell into the hammock. Life is good at the beach. Happy trails!
  • July 30 – Sat.
    Nikki Studebaker’s birthday!! Whoo hoo! I think this is the BIG one since you are in Vegas!! Happy Birthday!! Worked all day on rhe South Dakota buffalos. I never get tired of weeding that eyeball and horns! The transfer tape is cloudy but the decals are shiny! So fun to do. Gonna tackle the beach cleanup tomorrow. Happy trails.
  • July 28 – Thursday
    Well of course, it would rain after I sprayed the whole porch with the spider spray! Argh! So I’ll do it again today. Not bad but real windy, so I will do it Friday. Nice sunset but beach is gone again. Happy trails.
  • July 29 – TGIF
    Tried biscuits in the toaster oven vs. Airfryer. Airfryer won by a landslide! 2 on the top airfried 5 min. 6 (5) on bottom in toaster oven 20 min!!Package of biscuits said 6 min. No way wasn’t even 5 min. and they got toasty! In this heat, I’ll take the 5 min. Method in the airfryer. yum Happy trails.
  • July 27- Weds.
    I went to the Post Office and Got my Amazon packages. One included this awesome spider killer spray by Natural Armor. They make a lot of other natural sprays also for different things. I sprayed it all around the outside of the camper and I’m going to do the Van next. It is covered in giant spiders. It’s supposed to be safe for paint and stuff. Of course we’re supposed to have a big thunderstorm at 3 o’clock after I just sprayed the whole house outside. Those spiders ran for their lives and it killed on contact. I couldn’t even […]
  • July 26 – Tuesday
    Time to get back to finish a quilt I started back in Oklahoma! Needed a big sheet for the back. Found one so just gotta put it together. Summer is flying by. I’m back on the road in September. So finishing up projects is important! I wish I would have taken some leftovers from the Mexican dinner. It was delicious! I’ll dig up something around here. Going to head up into the sewing loft and start sewing the blue desert quilt. It’s in pieces on the floor. Happy trails.
  • July 25 -Monday
    Linda’s postponed cruise on the Maumee River is tonight. We board at 5:30pm. Dinner at 6:00pm. It is a boat that takes you 5 miles and turns around and comes back to dock on the Maumee Rivetr. Weather was iffy again. Thunderstorms yesterday and some expected today. It was a beautiful night with a great sunrset. Toledo does have it’s share of riverfront activities, beautiful restaurants and parks. Great Mexican spread! Chicken enchiladas, beef tacos and burritos, rice and beans, and of course, chips and salsa. It all was delicious. Kathy, Peggy’s sister made 70 cookies and all kinds of […]
  • July 23 – Sat.
    Woke up to a beautiful pink sunrise. Going to rain at 8am. On and off all day. Well it’s 6am and it’s raining already. Blink and the weather changes. I feel sorry for the vendors at the craft show this weekend. Usually when it rains, people come for something to do indoors but lately between Covid, price of gas, and the weather, people just aren’t coming. It’s too bad because it is a great building. It’s really blowing now! 25mph winds. BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES! Happy trails.
  • JULY 24 – Sunday
    This is where I will be staying in South Dakota. It is called Buffalo Ridge Resort in Custer SD. https://www.blackhillshikingbikingandmore.com/buffalo-ridge-camp-resort?fbclid=IwAR1iNLKQqaWqokscOhfq1ju1MhfjMmzuFKvLSfNeTZFOT6W5XQKFVE4sUsw Long drive but I love to drive. It is like watching a movie out your window. My friend Sara from Connecticut has a wandering spirit too and visited me in her tricked-out van 3 years ago. I met Sara at the 2018 RTR Rubber Tramp Rendezvous in Quartzsite AZ. She just found out she has brain cancer. We are praying for Sara. She has to sell her van. She also takes care of her mother so this is quite a […]
  • July 22 – TGIF
    Walked down to where the van is stored.  It is where they store their boat trailers. Grass grows up really tall under it and I have to move it every so often and take off the tire covers. So I thought I’d take a picture of it without spider webs and tire covers. It’s 88゚ here with a 100% humidity. I was ready to jump in the pool but it’s already so crowded I decided maybe later when people in the park start drinking back at their campers. I cleaned up a bunch of stuff in the camper I’m thinking […]
  • July 21 – Thursday
    Peggy went to Goodwill and picked up the chairs. They all fit in her SUV. She left to go back to Indiana. We sure had a good weekend for raining all weekend! I started messing with this computer to get it to recognize the printer driver again!! Argh! I have to keep reloading it! I had ordered a printer on Amazon Prime Days and I never got it. I kept tracking it but it would never say where it was! So I called them to cancel it and they said they would just order a replacement. ??? And I wouldn’t […]
  • July 20 – Weds. Cruise
    Well it started out being a muggy day then the skies let loose. About 2pm her sister, Linda called and said the cruise was cancelled due to lightening and impending storms. So since we didn’t want to sit inside, we decided to walk to Stonecrusher Park, a little bike trail about 2 miles long that was owned by the quarry on the island. This peninsula is solid rock and they blast it all the time. The park trail is right by the football field and those poor kids were roasting out there in those uniforms. After we were sufficiently sweaty, […]
  • Just 19 – Tuesday
    Peggy from Indiana is coming this afternoon so we can go in her sister’s birthday cruise on Weds.  in Toledo. The ship is called the Sandpiper and it sails up and down the Maumee River. It was raining a lot this afternoon so hopefully it goes away by Wednesday. It’s still really hot out so Peggy and I’ll go down to the pool and go swimming. We wanted to check out the Goodwill in town here too. I had a load of stuff to drop off and so did I. The ribs are so easy in the Instapot. After the […]
  • July 18 – Monday
    Now it’s nice out! Little muggy but I’ll take it. Gotta cut the grass. It’s half dead but we had a lot of rain for 2 days! I cut the grass and you can hardly tell it. Got the hammock out but was so hot from mowing the grass I walked down to the pool and jumped in it. I’ll send pictures tomorrow of the backyard. Was gonna lay in the hammock but there were too many mosquitoes. I was getting bit alive! Happy trails.
  • July 17 – Sunday
    Rained all day. Crowd was so light. Another thunderstorm coming in at 4:00 so wanted to load up before it dumped. I left at 3pm. Hate to do that but didn’t want all these paper products to get wet. I’m beat! Gonna rething this whole crafting gig! I’m gonna need a cargo trailer for the desert! Happy trails.
  • July 16 – Saturday
    Today is the day! Set up for craft show. Have wayyyy too much stuff!   Big venue. Large boat storage.  I had a middle aisle. Only made about $38. Both days total!! Can you say recession?? Why do I do this?? To fulfill my sewing addiction! Goong to online selling!! Happy trails.
  • July 15 – TGIF
    I had ordered a tablet on Amazon Prime days to see if I could have a back up computer in case this one ever crashed and to take it on the road because it only weighed 3 pounds. Supposed to get it in today. Well, I drove to the post office and they said it wasn’t in yet. So I will go back Monday after the craft show. Need to get organized. Have a lot of balls in the air. Looking forward to South Dakota in September. Then I can relax. Happy trails.
  • July 14 – Thursday
    Amazon purchases came in. Gotta electric water pot so I can boil water super fast. Otherwise, I have to run the generator just to run the microwave. Still working on putting together the craft show. Hope the rain holds off. At is indoors. indoors. Happy trails
  • July 13 – Wednesday
    Gearing up for the craft show this weekend. I have so much stuff leftover from previous shows, that I didn’t have to make much. Happy trails.
  • July 12 – Amazon Prime Day
    Big holiday for me! I save up my wish list and get it all at a discount on these 2 days in July. Came just in time too! My laptop downloaded Windows 11 and it crashed all my apps I use! It couldn’t find my printer driver so I had to spend all night doing that so almost mssed the Buckmoon. It is named for the time when deer shed their antlers. Pretty cool! Happy trails.
  • July 11 – Monday
    Having computer issues. I updated computer to Windows 11. Big mistake.. it would not recognize my printer driver and not print. Then it wouldn’t let me open my back up drive. Said it was inaccessible. Things still aren’t working right. Can’t find any photos. It won’t attach any photos here. I’m going to keep trying. Bear with me. Happy trails.
  • July 10 – Sunday
    Another beautiful day in paradise Feel like making ribs! Hello Summer! Happy trails.
  • July 9 – Sat.
    Had another band at the campground tonight. The singer had a terrible voice so I guess you get what you pay for. It has been a very strange year so far. People are coming off this pandemic and going crazy like a bunch of toddlers in a toy store. People aren’t watching their driving, There is so much distraction and yes people are texting and driving. They get in their cars thinking it’s a down time and the start doing other things like a waiting room. They are driving a 5,000 lbs. vehicle. Oh well I’ll get off my soapbox. […]
  • July 8 – TGIF – Grandson Julian’s 17th birthday
    Hard to believe it that that little baby I cared for for 12 years is all grown up and able to drive a car! Julian is 17 today. He lives in Columbus now and I don’t get to see him as often as I would like. He is a great kid and a fine young man and is into music. I want his hair. Happy trails.
  • July 7 – Thursday
    Still very muggy so staying in the AC. I may go to the pool today. Getting overcast already! Changes from minute to minute! Even too hot to cook! I can’t believe how much prices have increased. $4 FOR A DOZEN EGGS! Ridiculous! I guess Keto diet has to wait. Fishermen right out my window. Huge catfish in the bay. Happy trails.
  • July 6 – Weds.
    What a stormy, stormy night. I have never seen lightning nonstop like that. It was like flash bulbs going off all night long. Sometimes, living here is sketchy. Happy trails.
  • July 5 – Tuesday
    People winding down from the festivities of the holiday I am glad I didn’t have to drive any where! Ellen and I love Yellowstone series on Peacock streaming app. It is a free app however, Yellowstone is on their Premium version which is $4.99 a month and worth every penny! I have been binge watching it for 2 days! The drama on that series is so intense and is right up there with Dallas and The Godfather! It is very hot here and high was 97°. I went down to the van to open it up. It was very hot […]
  • July 4th – Monday
    Nothing like starting a workweek with a holiday!! Loved it! Ellen and I had breakfast on the porch. Last night we walked around the park. Then we decided we both wanted to learn how to play backgammon again! We watched a tutorial on YouTube and refreshed our memory. It was so much fun! I’ll take my backgammon gamecase on the road! Happy trails.
  • July 3 – Sunday
    Ellen got here and it was so hot we headed right to the pool! This park has a great pool. Tons of kids but that is usually just on the weekends. Then we had time to go through our Grandmother’s post cards from 1910. She would have been in her 20s then and really had a fun time dancing at the dance hall. She had little black books to right down all of her suitors! These postcards were hysterical. They would write “didn’t get your card” then she’d received one that said “got your card”. They kept the post office […]
  • July 2 – Sat.
    Fireworks every in the park and over the bay. Cedar Point is the amusement park across the bay and they have fireworks all summer long. Big show is on Sat. and the 4th. Our park has a band so I’ll go check them out. There is a little pavillion with a stage. From here they sound pretty good. Temperature inside the van was 106°. Hot in there! Opened the roof vent and aired it out. Don’t want to fill it up yet for the road because it has to go into the shop to get the awning installed. I hope […]
  • July 1- TGIF
    Cousin Ellen is coming for a short visit. She will come up on Sunday thru the 4th so we will catch up on family matters. Cleaned out my closet. Needed it bad! Took out all the work clothes since my job includes driving and and wearing the same clothes every day. Lol I got rid of all the heavy sweaters that are too heavy for the Van. And you just need one jacket and and 2 sweatshirts. All the rest are T shirts and pants that I bought that I never wear. Somebody’s going to get a good collection. Trip […]
  • June 30 – Thursday
    Little more humid today but a lot cooler. I’m making a path to the beach. It’s really a muddy bank. Don’t want to clear too much in case it floods again. I need all the resistance I can get. The tall grasses are getting so huge, I can’t see the water! It changes hourly. The pinwheel is to scare the geese away! Happy trails.
  • June 29 – Weds.
    I tried changing the light bulb in my travel sewing machine and since the machine was from 1992, it had this weird light bulb that was not a screw in kind. It has been skipping stitches anyways so I think I’m going to retire it. I had gotten it with my good friend, Barb at a school used-machine sale from their home-ec classrooms. I think we had to drive to Pickerington about 30 minutes away. It was an abused machine. It had sewn, tents, all kinds of zippers, boat canvas, doll dresses, totebags, basket liners. I think one of the […]
  • June 28 – Tuesday
    It is my good friend, Jill’s birthday today. She is 65. Hard to believe it. We have been friends since 1986 and worked at the same lawfirm. We watched each others kids grow up. They are all adults now. Happy birthday, Jill. She always says Don’t know, don’t care. So I made her this window sticker. Gretchen thought it was funny. Lol Happy 65th Jill. Happy trails.
  • June 27 – Monday
    I moved the van today just to change the position of the tires. Man, I saw tons of spiders under there and all over the windows. I sprayed some solution and it seemed to help. Took the vinyl tire covers off and cleaned them out. Then I started washing the windows on the Prius. Poor thing sits outside on the gravel and just bakes in the sun. I have some Armoral I may put on the tires just so they don’t dry out. I found a indoor storage unit close so I’m thrilled about that for storage in Sept. It […]
  • June 26 – Sunday
    Just saw my first lightening bug here at the lake. I saw some Mayflies yesterday. I guess Summer has officially begun. Was a beautiful day today! Cooled down a little today. I found a small bag of rocks from my collection in my sewing room from Arizona. I put them in a bowl and started taking pictures of their beautiful colors. Some turquoise, amethyst and crystal. Those pictures don’t do them justice. And they have all been tumbled and polished so they feel smooth too. I love rocks so many varieties. Can’t wait to see the Black Hills of SD. […]
  • June 25 – Saturday
    They had a band at the park today. They are pretty good. They play from 6:30 to 10:30 tonight. It was another hot one. Made a lot of notepads today and started to finish the quilt I made on the road. I have an opportunity to join the Girl Campers for their Camporee in Custer South Dakota on Sept. 21-25. It was a spur of the moment thing and I decided to not do the craft show at the Marblehead Lighthouse in October. I would have had to come all the way back here to Lake Erie just to close […]
  • June 24 – TGIF
    I finally sewed all day in the AC! It was so hot couldn’t go outside anyways. Finished Cousin Ellen’s cushion covers. She wanted them removable so she could wash them. Nice Sunbrella fabric. Well, daughter Molly moved to Greenville SC today. Movers came Thursday packed up all her wordly possessions and put them in 2 pods. They will store them until she gets settled in. This is what her place looks like now. Celebrating the view from the rooftop garden. Can’t wait to visit. Miss her already. Happy trails.
  • June 23 – Thursday
    I went down and opened up the camper vent as it was a 106゚ in there. Tons of spiders all over the outside with webs that caught all the cottonwood tree seeds. It looks like it was toilet papered by Mother nature. Well I thought I’d spray for the spiders and had 1/4 cup of bug spray left so I thought I would pour it in the spray bottle with the spider spray and left it in the camper on the counter. Wellll, with do that again! It blew up and there was spider and bug spray all over the […]
  • June 22 – Wednesday
    Todd Rundgren’s birthday. 74! Best guitar play besides Keith Urban. He is so much more than “Hello it’s me” but that song hooked me on his song writing. I have been a fan for 50 years. I got a new camping chair that has a cooler in the armrest! That way I don’t have to walk back to the camper to get a beer at the campfire! And a cell phone holder pocket. Always thinking. Happy trails.
  • June 21 – Tuesday
    I’m gonna start writing twice a week. Every day us too much. I’m too busy here and I forget what I do if a few days go by! Like today! Went to the post office and got my tape I ordered for my notepads. Ready to craft. Happy trails.
  • June 20 – Monday
    Post office is closed today. So I decided to make some more notepads. And fancy up a pine box. These lunch bag note pads are made out of lunch sacks! The note pads take so little time and I can use up all my supplies so I can get back to sewing! Happy trails!