2021-2022 Winter camping. Snowbirds take flight!

Lake Whitney, Texas

2021-2022 Winter camping. Snowbirds take flight! Once again I am on the road.

I started out in Ohio, went to Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona tomorrow.

Not bad for leaving Oct. 22, 2021 for a month and a half!

Follow along with my adventures! Happy trails.

Glamper Jan

My Latest Posts

  • May 15 – Sunday
    People came for the shed today. I didn’t want to take it apart until they came so they could see how to put it back together. Then I mentioned my lawn mower to him that wouldn’t start, he took it and brought it back 10 min later and said some button like a fuel switch hidden behind the gas tank was pushed in and after priming, it started right up! Praise the Lord I can pave in and park my bike on it. I’m sweating! Cleaned the gutters, mowed the grass, cleaned out the storage shed, washed the desert dust […]
  • May 14 – Sat.
    Cloudy with the roar of thunderstorms in the distance. You can tell how far away they are if you count “1,000 1, 1,000 2 etc.”, when you see the lightening or hear the thunder then stop counting when you here the thunder again. Lightening comes first. People say thunder and lightening but it always comes the other way around. Lightening then the thunder. My son’s Jeff, 41st birthday. Happy birthday Jeff! Getting excited about the lunar eclipse this Sunday night at 11pm to 12:30am. https://www.space.com/super-flower-blood-moon-may-2022-what-time-is-it Happy stargazing. Happy trails.
  • May 13 – Friday the 13th!
    Not another one!! The weather was perfect today. 81° and a light breeze which made it feel like 77°. Lots of boats coming home to their docks for another season. Some docks are still being assembled. Lots more pontoon boats. Sandusky Bay has been a lot rougher this year so maybe wider is better. One skipper said boat stands for “Bring On Another Thousand”…ha I told him it is a hole you dump money into surrounded by water. That is why my Dad would say. We had a 26′ Owen’s cabin cruiser. Then went to a 33′ houseboat. Then Dad […]
  • May 12 – Thursday
    In Galion, Ohio at dealer getting oil changed in van and oil changed in generator which hangs under the van! Only way to get to it is drive it in a pit oil station. A couple of other things need to be fixed. We’ll see if they do it this time. Been back twice for USB ports not working. Well see if 3rd time is a charm. Lots of beautiful Leisurecraft Unitys in showroom. Glad I got the Coachmen Beyond 22c with the bench. Some of these are beautiful but dark inside. Not a good use of space but did […]
  • May 11 – Weds.
    My sister and brother in law wedding anniversary is today 54 years. They both passed 3 months of each other. They loved the song by the Turtles “Happy Together”. That was their song. Happy Anniversary Lynne and Mike. Happy Trails.
  • May 10 – Tuesday
    Maybe see Barb today in Columbus on my way back to Columbus. Well stopped by Barb’s house on Monday afternoon after the party. Can’t believe this girl! She’s in her 80’s and can sit with her legs up on a bench! I asked her how she is so limber. She told me it was because she did gymnastics as a kid abd was always active. She sure is! I made her wear the Cinco de Mayo hat. The tiara lights up. Ha Stopped by the Aldi’s in Lewis Center. Glad the car started with all my groceries. Then I pushed […]
  • May 9 – Monday
    High-school buddy Ardie’s birthday. She was afflicted with MS in her 30s and has been a trooper ever since. Can’t keep a good woman down! I love her sense of humor. Always positive. Hoping to get her up to the lake soon Having a birthday party for her today at her house. Two other high school friends will join us. It should be fun! Pat is bringing Sloppy Joe’s and Kathy is bringing DQ ice creamcake. I’m bringing potato chips and peanuts and of course Extra toasty Cheesz-its. Happy birthday Ardie! Happy trails.
  • May 8 – Sunday
    Molly came to pick me up at the lake and bring me back to her house in hopes that I can get the car started in her garage. Fingers crossed! She is selling her house and moving to Greenville SC. I sure will miss her. She is bringing me a lot of stuff from her basement, old photos and albums from my Mom and Dad that I was storing in her basement. Look at these postcards from 1909 from my Grandmother!! So fun to read how people spoke to each other back then. Very respectful. Happy trails.
  • May 7 – Saturday
    Nor’eastee blew in. 25 mph winds blowing the floating docks up and down.  Rain finally stopped. Water was up to docks. Water too high for my comfort. I have the best neighbors! Went over to see their new park model and it’s beautiful! I told them I was having spaghetti but didn’t have any wine to go with it. They gave me a bottle of to-go Cabernet! Thank you Terry and Janie! Cold and blustery but sun came out finally! Happy trails.
  • May 6 – TGIF
    Get your ducks in a row. Happy trails.
  • May 5 – Thursday – Cinco de Mayo
    Happy Cinco de Mayo! Have a Margarita! Plan on working on the porch today and cleaning out the rest of the van. I need to find my drill to install the lock on the shed. I will power wash it when I get time. Happy trails.
  • May 4 – Wednesday
    Went to Basset’s hardware store to get a lock for the shed and a spark plug for the mower. It’s a store that has a grocery store attached to it so it’s one stop shopping. Got the spark plug for mower and lock for the shed so I was anxious to get moving on my projects so went straight home. I will save the grocery store shopping for when I have a list! Happy trails.
  • May 3 – Tuesday
    Worked on mower again. Rained all day with no break so did some inside organizing of the Van. What a mess. I brought way too much stuff this Winterbso next winter I know what I need. I took everything out and will start from scratch. Have a big job ahead of me. Living room is so cluttered right now. Gonna take it one foot at a time. The geese are back and they have 8 new gosling. Just what we need more Canadian geese. They crap on everything!! Happy trails.
  • May 2- Monday
    Clean up day. It quit raining for about 20 minutes enough time to run out and see if the mower would start. It would not! So back to square one for me. So since I could not mow, I decided to get the shed upright and move the stuff over from the old shed. Everything fit. Lots if old hand tools got ruined in the old shed when thexRinmbbermaid tote lid leaked. Happy trails.
  • April 30 – Sat.
    Visited with Peggy. Her son, Kevin came over too. Rained all day so decided to go to a movie. We saw Fr. Stu. It was a true story. Very good! Went back to Peggy’s place and had hamburgers. Was a great time catching up. Happy trails
  • May 1- Sunday
    Left early for the 3 hr trip from Indiana to my seasonal lakehouse. What a welcome I came back too! Porch furniture was all knocked over and  stuff was laying in the yard including a large shed which someone was throwing out and I wanted because in my little one, you could not stand up in it. It must have gotten very windy here! Lots to clean up! Happy trails.
  • April 29 – Friday
    Made it to my friend Peggy’s house in Indiana. Rained the entire way. We went garage saleing and found some things I couldn’t live without! Then we went back to her house and watched a movie. Had a fun time catching up with her. Happy trails.
  • April 28 – Thursday
    Travel day. Rained the entire 5 hours to Auburn Indiana. Spent the night in Illinois at a real quiet rest area. Made it to Indiana! Happy trails!
  • April 27 – Wednesday
    Last day at Thibaut Point. It is so quiet here. Hate to leave. Some fishermen caught three ginormous fish. I think they were rainbow trout. Biggest mouth I ever saw! Happy trails.
  • April 26 – Tuesday
    I’m still hooked on Johnny Depp defamation trial in Virginia. So far it’s looking good for Johnny. Amber has made up so much stuff about him that is all coming back to bite her in the keister.  Hope he gets to make Pirates VI. Met a nice couple from Columbus camping down by me. They became nomads by selling their house same year I sold mine. They are now residents of South Dakota because there are no taxes in SD. My kind of state! This is Truman Lake. Happy trails.
  • April 25 -Monday
    Travel day. Went to the other side of the lake. The sites are more spread out and level! Booked 3 nights. Yes that is really what it is called! In Warsaw MO. Had excellent wifi and so I  got to download my backup of my pictures so I could post my blog! Happy trails.
  • April 24 – Sunday
    RAINED ALL DAY! Did lots of coloring and organizing. Gave a little girl next door a coloring book and markers. She was thrilled! She was about 12 and clenched that book for hours. She had been fishing all weekend with her dad and grandpa and was thrilled to have something to do in the tent. Spread the joy. Happy trails.
  • April 23 – Saturday
    Finished the quilt and cleaned up all the threads. It rained all day I was glad to have electric to use the Instapot. Made BBQ rib bowls. It was delicious and so quick in the Instapot! 8 minutes pressure cook rice, stand the ribs up for 25 minutes pressure cook and 20 minutes slow release. Falls off the bone! Finally dried up. Took a shower and did laundry. Happy trails.
  • APRIL 22- TGIF – Earth Day
    Happy Earth Day. Take care of Mother Earth. She gives you life. Happy Earth Day. Started on April 22, e 1969 when after the Vietnam War, we realized life is fragile and we needed to change it for the better. Happy Earth Day and happy trails.
  • April 21 – Thursday
    Travel day tomorrow so this is pack up and secure day. Hate putting everything back into  travel mode. But neighbor came over and asked if I wanted to see his sailboat. His girlfriend has the sailboat and he has a camper. Works for them! He has a Honda Goldwing and asked if I wanted a ride to the Marina. I said sure as I haven’t been on a motorcycle in 30 years! I about knocked him over when I grabbed on to hop on! Ha Great visit! Happy trails.
  • April 20 – Wednesday
    Cold blustery day. Filled water tanks. Have to share with a guy next  to me  I don’t have a splitter for the water faucet so I waited until he unhooked his hose. Bad internet here so hard to upload blog. I can’t include pics. Sorry! Happy trails.
  • April 19 – Tuesday
    Decided to drag out the note card making cardboard and Cricut machine. Love that thing. Overcast today and high wind warning. Lake is very high. Can’t see any buoys anymore by the dam. At least it’s not snow! Great sewing day. Happy trails.
  • April 17 – Easter Sunday
    At COE campground Red Bud Bay in OK. Aye rest of chicken and made corn and potatoes. Love my Instapot but today I made dinner on the induction cooktop. Needs a magnetic pan so I used the iron skillet. Hope you found a lot of eggs. Happy trails.
  • April 18 – Monday
    Met a nice couple who had a camper , canoe, sailboat  motorcycle and electric scooter. All the toys. Camper had a toyhauler porch. Some people know how to camp. These look like dinosaur bones. Happy trails.
  • April 16 – Easter Saturday
    Blustery day in OK. White caps on the lake! Happy Easter! Made chicken snd Mashed potatoes. Happy trails.
  • April 14 – Thursday
    Went to Will Rogers Museum and Birthplace in Oologah OK. He started out being a rodeo star either his roping abilities and then became a huge Hollywood star in the Zeigfield Follies and on screen. Made a ton of movies. He was a great speaker and adventure seeker. Died in a plane crash with his good buddy in Alaska. So sad What a magical place. The building was also a Harvest Host where you can stay overnight and they were very gracious! Only 5.00 admission and we’ll worth it for the interactive exhibits. That birthplace was submerged when they built […]
  • April 15 – Good Friday
    I forgot it was Easter Weekend! When you are on the road everyday is Saturday. It did get dark at 3:00pm like it has for centuries. RIP Jesus. I’m at a great COE campground in Oologah OK where Will Rogers was born. $8.00 a night with water and electric. And this view! Happy trails and Happy Easter ya’ll.
  • April 12 – Tuesday
    Headed to Weatherford OK. To a Harvest Host site for overnight stay. Place called American Heritage Museum. A Diner where Elvis ate 3 times between Methis and Las Vegas. Signed the log book, Cool Daddy. Ha Wedding robes and dress made out if a WW II parachute! Such a cool place in Weatherford TX. School house and Blacksmith shop. Happy trails
  • APRIL 13 – Weds.
    My Dad’s 100th birthday! Unfortunately he passed away on New Years Eve in 2016. He had a very full life. Happy birthday Day! Happy trails.
  • April 11 – Monday
    COUSIN Ron Keller’s Birthday! Happy birthday old man! Even moved to Florida! Smart move! Get out of shoveling snow! Enjoy your day! I just passed the Cadillac Ranch outside Amarillo and didn’t stop because it was very busy traffic at rush hour. I’ll catch it again! They even set up orange barrells there are so many people stopping. Tried to catch it in the side mirror. My passenger seat basket holds my hand sanitizer, maps and hand cream. Hands alway dry out when driving. At a nice Texas rest area. Happy trails.
  • April 10 – Sunday
    Going to a Harvest Host site called Junkyard on 66. It’s a brewery on Rt. 66 that has tons of old cars and memorabilia. Should be fun. 3.5 hrs away. With this wind, I will probably be creeping along. Well I got here and this place has seen better days. The gate was closed so I had to wait on the road down a block. Then at 11:00 they opened the gate. Real nice lady runs the brewery. Great craft beers and really cool tables made out of old tailgates and hoods  had some classic cars inside. Happy trails.
  • April 9 – Sat.
    Spent the night at a cool visitor center Rest Area on Rt. 40 outside the Meteor Crater cleanest rest area ever. Today headed to Holbrook AZ and hopefully into NM. Well plans changed again. MOTHER NATURE is in charge and she dished up 28 mph winds with 40 mph gusts. Feeling them now as the van is rockin! TRUCKS POURING IN BECAUSE OF THE WIND. So gonna spend another day looking at the cool trucks. Had a ’70 VW bug but blue and not as souped up as this one. Wind still blowing but I gotta be in New Mexico […]
  • April 8 – Friday
    Friday so we camped at the Castle Casino parking lot. It’s free after we list all out money at the casino! Went on our separate ways. Marlene went to Yuma and I went to Rt 40 old Rt. 66 towards Winslow. Since I already had my picture taken standing on the corner in 1972, decided to see the Meteor Crater across the freeway. It’s the largest crater from a meteor on Earth! It is pristine too and geologist from around the world come to sample the soil. So deep you can fit the Eifel Tower in it. Happy trails.
  • April 7 – Thurs.
    After the show at Blazin M Ranch, we both had to drive our vans at night. I haven’t driven at night in years! Let alone finding a boondocking place in the dark! But Marlene and I found a circle road in Cottonwood 6 miles from the show so it worked out great. Still cold here at night Not real level but it’s ok for the night. Marlene will head to Yuma and I will head to New Mexico by way of Rt. 66 (Rt 40). Can’t afford the gas to head to I 10 and go farther South. It should […]
  • April 6 – Weds.
    Went to the dinner and western show at BlazinM Ranch. It was a great show and entertainment in an old town of Cottonwood, AZ. With the chuckwagon that was served in a big red barn with a stage. Dinner was BBQ chicken and ribs in Prickly Pear sauce. Huge baked potato, prickly pear slaw, cowboy beans, biscuits and apple crisp with ice cream. Iced tea and lemonade. I’M STUFFED. The horse and ghost rider came running right up to the window while they played Ghost Rider in the sky. It was Epic! Happy trails.
  • April 5 – Tuesday
    Well what a difference a day makes. Day went from watching hot air balloons to a 30mph gust dust storms called haboos. Well there was no wind, I put out the electric awning becausevit was 87° at noon and 2 minutes (no joke) a wind storm kick up, blew 2 huge tree branches right out of the firepit and raised them 10 feet in the air. I jumped up and opened the screen to see the awning had flipped over the top over the van and broke both spring arms. All in a matter of seconds! I had to get […]
  • April 4 – Monday
    In Sedona. Heard that hot air balloons fly over the camp area so we shall see. Hope so! 70° today. Great sleeping weather at 50°. I’ll take it! Marlene left for Cottonwood and headed to Key West to a place there with another nomad. What’s nice about not having sticks and bricks is you can get a mail service and get residency in several states that don’t tax your Social Security. I’m thinking about North or South Carolina. Barb, you won’t have to rent anymore you can stay with me. Lol Saw 6 hot air balloons today. Happy trails.
  • April 3 – Sunday
    On Sedona today. Drove down the windiest road ever 89A from Flagstaff. Whew white-knuckle drive for sure. Sedona was so crowded, there was no Covid there!! Shops were open and sidewalks were packed!! Too busy driving to take pictures. But here are some of the Sunset Crater in the Coconino Nat Forest above Flagstaff. Be thankful they put these fires out Happy trails.
  • April 2 – Sat.
    Happy Birthday Pat Sellers! Hope you are staying warm in cold Columbus! In Coconino National Forest it’s 65 with 35 at nite. On our way to Sedona. So much fire damage. So sad. Happy trails.
  • April 1- Friday
    April Fools Day and grandson Jack’s 3rd birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jack! Made our way to Vermillion Cliffs and Marble Canyon area. Way Northern AZ. On BLM on a turn out. Lots of traffic but blustery winds so good place to stop. Happy trails.
  • March 31 – Thurs.
    Convoy leaving DC to head to California to help bring attention to the crazy Senate bills that are up for vote there. The country is going to hell quickly if we don’t get these politicians out of office. There is a bill before Congress that actually let’s a 12 year old child be responsible for their own health care. crazy!! Read all about it at Www.thepeoplesconvoy.org Happy trails.
  • March 30 -Weds.
    Went to Paiute Visitor Center in Fredonia AZ and Windsor Castle. It was a Mormon homestead and Fort of sorts and was built over the only water source that the Indians had for survival. Had the biggest longhorn steer I ever saw. 13 Yeats old. Happy trails.
  • March 29 – Tuesday
    Back in AZ in Kanab at the Kaibab Paiute Indian Reservation. AWESOME HERE! Happy trails.
  • March 28 – Monday
    Zion National Park. Best place on earth. This place is amazing. Like another world. Just unbelievable scenery, all different including a 1.5 mile tunnel thru the mountain. Happy trails.
  • March 27 – Sunday
    Made it to St. George Utah and visited the Dinosaur Discovery Visitor Center. It was really cool! Had bones and footprints of the dinosaurs and parts of an underwater section of the Johnson Farm where they were discovered. Drove through a gorgeous canyon pass. Better than the Grand Canyon called Virgin River. It’s breathtaking! Spent the night at BLM called LaVerkin Overlook. It is lumpy roads but beautiful! Found a nice flat spot. Headed to Zion tomorrow. Happy trails.
  • March 26 – Sat.
    Did not have internet until today just long enough to download the blog from the road in NV. Went to Valley of Fire SP. Saw lots of Bighorn sheep. Stayed on BLM outside of Park. Beautiful area. Great rock formations and all have names of their shapes just like Sedona. Happy trails.
  • March 18 – TGIF
    See next blog. I haven’t had wi fi for a week so just now on the 29th got signal. See 29th post.
  • March 19- 25 TPC
    I figured it was too much to write everyday when I really just sat in the Van and listened to Www.thepeoplesconvoy.org on Sasnak channel. THE PEOPLES CONVOY IS NOT THE FREEDOM CONVOY. THIS CONVOY CAME from California to Washington DC to bring the message of enough is enough to our representatives and Senators to end The Emergency Powers Act and let the country get back to opening businesses schools and public meetings. It’s not about masks. It’s about your choice to wear a mask or get a shot or get another job or close your business or move your family […]
  • March 17 – Thursday St. Patrick’s Day
    My phone was clogged up with stuff So I had to delete lots of pictures and of pictures and histories. My phone was not talking to the cloud out in the desert. I’m at the library now and gaining back a lot of my storage. I’m going to have to break down and get a bigger storage unit for my data. The phone throttles at A certain point. Then you cannot add anything. So that is why I’m just now releasing this Saint Patrick’s day is blog. I’m still alive just no Internet! Happy trails.
  • March 16 – Weds.
    This is my back yard today. I haven’t heard any coyotes in a long time. Probably too hot for them. It has been very pleasant lately 70°s during the day and 50-60 at night so I can’t complain! I made spare ribs in the Instapot and yum they were great and only 25 min to cook! Love my Instapot! This looks like I’m ready to take off for space! Happy trails!
  • March 15 – Tues.
    It is my dear, sweet friend, Agnes Viray’s birthday today. She was my neighbor from the old neighborhood where I lived for 33 years. Her daughter was the same age as my daughter and they were classmates. Always doing crazy stuff together and doing plays and shows in the basement. Agnes and I were the audience. Lucky us. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGNES! Happy trails.
  • March 14. – Pi Day Monday
    Happy Pi Day for you Math geeks out there. Still on Plomosa Rd. In Quartzsite AZ. Love it out here. It is so quiet. Not even a Coyote. Guess it is still too cold for them at night. My phone is running out of space. I have to delete some pictures even to add them to this blog! I have them saved to the cloud but just have too many on here. Happy trails. EAT SOME PIE!
  • March 13 – Sunday
    A down day for convoy so I get to take a day off while DC digs out from underneath a snow storm.. I caught up on emails and I have been ignoring this blog. Sorry about that! My camera phone says it’s full so I have to delete sone pics every though they are in the cloud, they take forever to upload then I run out of data. It’s a catch 22. So I will do that bow so I can start sending pictures with the blog! Thank you for hanging with me! SUN IS SO BRIGHT, I CANT SEE […]
  • March 12 – Sat.
    Snow day in Hagerstown MD so convoy will not be riding into DC today. Spent the day cutting out a quilt and dusting the rig. We had a dust atom and it came out of nowhere and blew right in the tiny window in the back. What a mess. Yt gets in vents, in the window and door tracks. Like a powerdy sand dirt mix. You can even feel bitting your teeth! It’s finally getting hot during the day so I  will have to start using the AC. I have a bunch of fans and it always has a breeze […]
  • March 11 – TGIF
    Moderated all day for the Sasnak YouTube channel. He has 120k subscribers now and he is a very likeable truck driver and cowboy from Dallas Texas. He has been live streaming videos ever since joining the convoy THEPEOPLESCONVOY.ORG. They drive one lap around the beltway 64 miles snd he talks, narrates, listens to CB and shows 10,000 people viewing the sights. It is enjoyable. The Convoy is currently in Hagerstown MD and have a full camp complete with kitchen, restrooms, medical truck, doctors. Nurses and an entire oarking crew. A COMAND center has been set up in big busses to […]
  • March 10 – Thurs.
    Uber windy all night! Shook the van like a rocking chair but was too set up to turn van into the wind because I knew it would change in an hour. It did. I always park into the wind and heading out. Truckers are still rolling in DC. Met with Ted Cruz, Sen. Texas. He explained to the press that Americans are fed up with inflation, high gas prices. Mandates on masking and restaurants closing. Bring America back to the People. We the People. ALL LIVES MATTER. WE are done with division. WE all want unity. Happy trails.
  • March 9 – Weds.
    Terrible wind storm coming tonight lasting until Friday. Winds are here. It blew my rug all over and knocked my chair over. I went outside and picked up the chair. To my surprise, I found this on it. Mr. Scorpion. After I jumped back, I turned the chair over and a scorpion was sitting on my chair! I flicked it and it landed on my outside rug. I was glad I had my shoes on and squished it! Sorry buddy. I didn’t want to see you again in my chair or bed. Happy trails.
  • March 8 – Tuesday
    Truckers into DC. Had meeting with Senators. www thepeoplesconvoy.org This has been so successful. The American People met with the Senators in Washington DC and asked to have the Emergency Powers Act  lifted since Covid numbers are going down and that businesses are being shut down due to not being able to open back up. They will take it to the Senate floor and it’s a win. America is getting their freedoms back. Happy trails.
  • March 7 – Monday
    TRUCKERS working a meeting with Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. Taking place Tuesday. Stan is a rock star with the truckers in the Peoples Convoy. I’m am still in AZ but taking notes for him. Desert is very windy today. Have to stay in the van but that’s OK! I’m sewing! Happy trails.
  • March 6 – Sunday
    The day that The Peoples Convoy rooms into Washington DC. They had a meeting with the police and decided they would just do 2 laps around the Beltway and not go into DC proper because there was an expected Ukraine protest at the White House. It was a very peaceful 64 mile drive from the lense of Stan Sasnak’s You Tube Channel. He was the only News media that was documenting the ride. Other YouTubers like 1st Responder Media, Oreo Express, and Trucker G all had great videos showing all the people waiving their flags on the overpasses. Patriotism is […]
  • March 4 – TGIF
    Another day following the Peoples Convoy with the Sasnak YouTube channel. I offered to take notes for him. He is in Hagarstown MD and I am watching the channel on my phone in Quartzsite AZ. He is having the time of his life! He’s a truck driver who has been driving for 35 years.  He camps with us in his 2020 Transit Van in the Winter at the Hobotech camp Next year will be nuts now that he’s famous. Ha I sew while watching his live steams from Hagerstown, Maryland outside Washington DC. He is meeting the most interesting people. […]
  • March 5 – Sat.
    Bestie Peggy’s birthday. She is known as Peggy from Indiana. I worked at the same law firm., had the same boss, lived a few streets over, was pregnant at the same time and we had our girls 25 days apart! I’d say it was karma we became friends. We still keep in touch after 41 years of friendship. Happy birthday Peggy! Happy trails.
  • March 3 – Thursday
    Watching the peoples convoy rollbthru Cambridge Ohio. ARTICLEConvoy participant Stanley Turner has been livestreaming the effort from his 2004 Peterbilt rig, equipped with a custom sleeper that includes a shower and kitchen — “kind of like a small recreational vehicle,” he told the Dispatch Thursday. The 57-year-old who lives in Oklahoma said he’s driving “pig-tail” (without a trailer), noting that most of the rigs have no payload and are a small percentage of the millions of commercial vehicles in the U.S. At 12:30 Thursday, the convoy was 60 miles west of Dayton with large crowds appearing on overpasses and side roads along Interstate 70.We’re out […]
  • Mar. 2 -Weds
    Ash Wednesday for all you good Catholics. Out in the desert no church available but I’m enjoying God’s nature in real life out here. Love our land. Thank you to Ardie for calling and thank you to Vic and Bob North from highschool for the comic relief! Thank you Pat Sellers for bringing Ardie the great spaggetti dinner. You Rock! Happy trails.
  • March 1- Tuesday
    Welcome to March!! 84° and beautiful sunshine in QuartzsiteAZ. Started off with very puffy clouds. Turned into a Beautiful sunny, clear day!! Had the last campfire. Ran out of wood and I don’t like to burn campfires just for me. I like my ozone layer! Following Stan, Sasnak on YouTube. He is livestreaming history in the making on the people’s convoy. Thisvis not a trucker protest. It is a show of patriotism of all Americans. Happy trails!
  • Feb. 28 – Monday
    Still windy in the desert in Quartzsite. But had a nice fire! Roasted some potatoes in the fire and had omelets for breakfast. Life is good in the desert. Happy trails.
  • Feb. 27 – Sunday
    Still chilly at night. My buddy Tom from New Hampshire stopped over to eat some peanuts and roast potatoes in the fire. He’s a data engineer of some kind so we talk Excel spreadsheets. Lol Happy trails.
  • Feb. 26 – Sat.
    Made a pizza in the air fryer. It was crunchy, including the sauce! Lol It was still pretty good for not having an oven. Had another beautiful sunset. Happy trails.
  • FEB. 25 – Friday
    Been watching my friend Stan’s Sasnak YouTube channel on the People’s Convoy of trucks, RVs , busses, and cars from California to Washington DC. He is from Dallas Ft. Worth area and has followed them and reported on their trip when he met up with them in Golden Valley AZ outside Flagstaff. It was 10° there. He is still following the convoy. He is stopping by his shop to pick up his own semi and join them with his truck. He has been a truck driver for 35 years and believes in the American Way of Life. This is not […]
  • Feb. 24 – Thursday
    Went to the Post Oiffice in Bouse  AZ  to get rest of tax stuff. Geez why can this stuff be sent on line?? I do my taxes on line but you need to wrangle all this paperwork! Produce man from Yuma was there. He has the most awesome veggies. All organic, all without packaging. No waste! He gad the best avocados I ever had. He comes every 1st and 3rd weekend at the town park in Bouse. Eggs, bananas, asparagus, broccoli and roasted peanuts! Well worth the drive. Big Sky started the new season so I was ready! Happy trails.
  • Feb. 23 – Weds.
    Happy trails.
  • Feb. 22 – 2.22.22 Tuesday
    Celebrate at 2:22:22 pm today. Get lucky. Buy a lottery ticket. Speaking of 2s. A couple (2) stopped by in their Coachmen Crossfit. It’s exactly like my Beyond but a 2018. Coachmen had to change the name due to a lawsuit, so they changed the 2020s to Beyond. Very nice couple, Bruce and Jill from New Hampshire! Happy trails.
  • Feb. 21 – Monday
    President’s Day. Let’s celebrate when we get one worth celebrating. On the road today. Stopped at the Blue Water Casino due to dust storm I can’t even see across the street. And of course I just washed my van!! Did not win at the casino on the penny slots! Happy trails.
  • Feb. 20 – Sunday
    Fireworks still going off! Happy trails.
  • Feb. 19 – Saturday
    Big show is tonight! Lots of booms and bright colors. We all piled into Stan’s van and went on the Ferry Boat Ride over to Lake Havasu Island Casino. We all just rode the ferry only to turn around to come back so we could eat fish and chops at the London Bridge. Happy trails.
  • Feb  18 – TGIF
    People starting to flood in. Parking everywhere! Big show is Saturday but they run them all weekend. Happy trails.
  • Feb. 17- Thursday
    I made it to Lake Havasu Winter Blast, the Pryotechnic show. Runs from Thurs. to Sunday. It’s not a big crowd, but it will grow this weekend. They have private fireworks makers who want to be certified and they do it at this show. The fireworks are like nothing you have ever seen. They are spectacular. Can’t wait for Saturday’s big show. Happy trails.
  • Feb. 15 – Tuesday
    Totally crazy night. Went outside to watch the sunset and had the most vivid full moon at the front of the van and the most gorgeous sunset at the back of the van. Go figure! Very windy day in the desert@ 26 mph winds. GOOD SEWING DAY. Ha Happy trails.
  • Feb. 16 – Weds.
    Took the van in for the leaking tire. Hopefully, they can find out why. Found a good article in the Jan.-Feb issue of Escspees Magazine about risks. Leo Buscaglia, one of my heroes, said it best: “To hope is to risk despair. To try is to risk failure. To love is to risk not being loved in return. To live is to risk dying. But, risks must be taken because the biggest risk in life is to risk nothing. The man who is afraid to take risks is nothing, has nothing, becomes nothing. He may avoid sorrow, but he cannot […]
  • Feb. 13 – Sunday
    Sorry about that Super Bowl Cincinnati!! I didn’t get to see it but heard from friends in Columbus about the outcome. Wish I had issued the halftime show but caught it on YouTube later It set back the country 60 years. Kinda of a racist show since only one white performer was Eminem. He wore a hood and sunglasses. I’m sure the younger generation didn’t even know who he was. Mary Blige was great. Really belted out that song. Let’s hope the entertainment gets more inclusive next year. Happy trails.
  • Feb. 14 – Val/Gal Day
    Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy Galentine’s Day or as Great Aunt Connie would say, Happy Widows and Orphans Day. She said that about New Year’s Eve too. Downloading a 5 hr update to my phone! This is ridiculous! It’s a new phone! Anyway finally done after roasting in the AZ in the Van for hours. Hope ya’ll having a great day and ate a lot before Chocolate. Happy trails.
  • Feb. 12 – Sat.
    Another day in the desert. Beautiful 80 degrees and light wind… perfect. I’ll drag the sewing machine outside. Maybe not. I’ll do the Cricut instead. I like to keep big reusable items out of the landfill. Save our planet people! Love my Cricut Joy and I have my big Cricut Maker at the lakehouse. Tomorrow I’ll start busting this stash of fabric. Happy trails.
  • Feb. 11 – TGIF
    Went to Bouse to see if my mail came in yet. Nope, not yet. Went to the Van Aid before I went to PO. Drove around and ran into my friend, Tom from New Hampshire. He tricked out a Sprinter Van and has that engineering brain. He can fix anything. Lots of vans, trailers at the VanAid. Tyll and crew do a great job. Lots of people helped. Happy trails.
  • Feb. 10 – Cousin Ellen’s birthday
    Happy birthday Ellen Anne Shea!! Enjoy your birthday! Ellen had a camper at the Lake next to mine. We had a few good summers up there and then both sold our trailers. Glad I got the new one and Ellen decided to travel and remodel her home. We both still enjoy going to the lake when we can. I’m there from April 15- Oct. 15 as it is a seasonal park. Happy trails.
  • Feb. 9 – Weds.
    Finally turned the corner with this cold. It is not the worst I have ever been but pretty close to it. I think I’ll go to the van build tomorrow and just say hi to a few people who I camped with. I will keep my distance Donnie and Rachel left for home today. I’m the last one home here. Happy trails.
  • Feb. 8 – Tuesday
    Stayed in. Still sick not Coronavirus. Just a bad cold. Major sinus infection. Once the sore throat is gone, I feel much better. Glad I stocked up on Dayquil Sinus meds. And Ludens cough drops, wild cherry of course. Ha Just watching the sun set. Happy trails.
  • Feb. 7 – Monday
    Still sick so I stayed back to rest all day. Everyone else went to VanAid. It is an event that everyone comes together to build out, help and just give to each other in the nomad community. Sure hate to leave this place. It’s so peaceful. I need water and dump my trash. So I’ll probably leave at the end of the week. Pretty much vegging here because I can’t breathe with this stuffy nose and i don’t want to infect anyone. Happy trails.
  • Feb. 6 – Sunday
    Everyone decided to stay one more day and it was our last campfires itvwas a big one. I’m still feeling lousy so went in at 8pm. Everyone was pretty beat. It was a great 2 weeks here and now everyone goes their different ways. Met a lot of good friends I will see in the future. We always say, “see you down the road”. Happy trails.
  • Feb. 5 – Sat.
    Sat. night”s campfire called for Cheladas. It’s a concocktion of tomato beer and skewered carrots, celery, pickels, cheese. olives and candied bacon! Yum! It was delicious! Thank you Carolyn! We all went out for a meal after being cooped up in our rigs due to the wind! Happy trails.
  • Feb. 4 – TGIF
    Still windy but sunny yay! I got sick with this dusty wind and am just laying around with a sore throat. It is moving to my nose and chest and I’m eating a ton of oranges. Thank up Carolyn! Hone grown from her back yard in Frezno CA. Yum Hobotech Tom and Stan Sasnak the trucker have a running practice if anyone wears a Hobotech t-shirt, Stan puts a Sasnak bumper sticker over it! So I wore my shirt to the campfire and Stan slapped a sticker across my chest. It was pretty funny! We will close up camp on […]
  • Feb. 3 – Thursday
    Winds finally died down so we could visit outside. I went geocaching with Carolyn and found 3 caches in the desert. Had a camp fire. Good day. Happy trails.
  • Feb. 2 – Weds. Groundhog Day
    Somebody shoot that groundhog! I’m sick of winter. The gang headed to the Quartzsite Yacht Club for dinner since it was too windy to be outside Happy trails.
  • Feb. 1 – Tuesday
    Getting ready for big winds here with Landon bearing down on the country. Took the gazebo down. May head to another camp still deciding. No outdoor activities today! Did some sewing. Happy trails.
  • Jan. 31 -Monday
    Happy birthday to Brownie my friend for over 50 years. We used to dance at the Sugar Shack in Columbus and listen to great local bands. Beers were cheap! Good times! I’m still dancing! I danced with a nice man named Terry Green whose birthday is also today at the Escapees NYE function in Tucson. Happy birthday Terry. Happy trails.
  • Jan. 30 – Sunday
    The WI fi here is getting better since The Big Tent is over. The vendors still have some tents up but most of them are permanent sites. That is a YouTube video on the big tent by Russ at RVerTV. What a nice guy. Hec does a great job of filming the happenings in Quartzsite. Got to meet him at our camp and posed with his side-by-side ATV named the Dusty Nugget. Had a great day. Happy trails.