Jan. 9 – Sunday

Took a ride on the bike after listening to a webinar on a design software fir My Cricut die cutting machine. Now, hopefully, I can make my own designs.

It was a good class.  It’s great I get the internet in the desert. And I can use it for this blog!

Got the bike off the rack today. Very rocky here but the 4″ tires did great until they didn’t. Lol

I was crossing a wash and always take the peddle assist off when making a turn or going down a hill because it speeds you up.  So I get to where I’m climbing the hill again and put it on and it lurched forward right when I got to the rocky part and the sun was in my eyes and I could not see the screen. So I took it off but must have hit the up arrow because it really started to fly.

I kept hitting the button to turn it off but it kept going. I hit a big rock and it slid off of it and I just had to lay the bike down. Wasn’t pretty. Ha

I’m OK. Just a bloody spot on my wrist where I caught a rock.  Nothing a beer couldn’t handle.  I’m taking it easy the rest of the night.  And yes, I was wearing my helmet.

So much for happy trails!


    1. Yep darn sun was in my eyes! I always turn off peddle assist when going into a turn or up a hill. This one had 3 short hump washes and second one slowed me down. I took one peddle and it took off! Yikes. Glad I landed where I did. Lol

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