Back at Lake Erie in a new place.

I’m Glamper Jan in the She Shed. A 2020 Coachman Beyond 22c camper van (ClassB).

I have been camping forever. First with the Girl Scouts in the 4th grade. Then on to buying a 2-room tent to take the kids camping.

Got sick of sleeping on the ground so kids begged for a pop-up camper in 1996 and had it 10 years. We went all over country during the summer months.

It was a great camper but when the left to go off to college, I got a Prius and started camping in that. It worked out great for a while.

Then I joined Sisters on the Fly. It is fun group of campers who get together all over the country. There is safety in numbers so going in a group with a new camper was the way to go.

I purchased a 2017 Thor Chateau (Class C) and started my solo camping adventures.

In 2020, I traded in the Class C because it was too big for me. And only got 7 miles to the gallon.

So with the new Class B van, it gets 14.8 miles to the gallon! Better than twice as efficient.

I am a Happy Camper! Six months at the Lake, six months in the van out West. Best of both worlds.

Happy trails!

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    Great spot. Lots of kangroo rats but we have them under control. Happy trails.
  • Nov. 18 – Day 63 Friday
    Took the gazebo down and started packing up. Leaving Kartchner Caverns tomorrow. Had asphalt driveway so no staking in the ground. Had to improvise by runing guywires to dirt along […]

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