On the Road Again – Camping in 2021

This is my take on 2020-2021 Winter Snowbird Camping in the West. Come follow my adventures.

I am a retired Legal Secretary from Ohio and have camped all my life in between raising 2 beautiful, responsible adults. Join me as I enjoy and experience this beautiful country of ours.

  • April 18 – Sunday
    Clean up day around the camper. Got the sewing machines unpacked. Had a house showing at noon. It went well fingers crossed. He seemed very interested. Hope it sells quick. Has a great view and always a breeze. Happy trails.
  • April 19 – Monday
    This is a sad day because my good friend Terri died a few years ago. She was watching HGTV and looking at her laptop that was on her lap. Her sister found her in the same position in the morning. She was already gone. They think it was a heart attack. She was having some dental work the next day and was taking an antibiotic. That may […]
  • April 17 – Saturday
    Met some more neighbors today. Nice folks. We share (I thought) a firepit because it is right on the property line. Well that is what the guy told me from whom I bought the park model. Well it seems its his firepit so now I have to have one delivered from the park. Not sure I want to mess with the wood and ashes. May just get […]
  • April 16 – TGIF
    Had a guy come and look at the camper. He wanted a fishing cabin. Ha This glampified camper is far from a man cave. Ha I am going to break down and advertise. I was trying to hold off and see if anybody around the neighborhood had relatives wanted to buy it. Luvin’ my new place. My van loves her sister She Shed Lake Edition. Hearing from […]
  • April 15 – Thursday
    So happy with the electrician! Got it all up and running! Now playing the robin. This guy was pecking at my windows at 7am. So I Googled why do bird peck at windows. Well Mr. Google says that its territorial and wants to show the other birds this is his turf. Kind like a bird West Side Story turf war. Well he pecked the crap out of […]
  • April 14 – Wednesday
    Worked all day and the old place getting ready to show. The people are supposed to come at 4:00pm for a showing. Fingers crossed. They had sold another trailer and were looking for one close to the Lake. Also, looking for a cottage. Well, they came and loved it. But, they decided they wanted their own firepit and not the communal one. So back to square one. […]