On the Road Again – Camping in 2021

This is my take on 2020-2021 Winter Snowbird Camping in the West. Come follow my adventures.

I am a retired Legal Secretary from Ohio and have camped all my life in between raising 2 beautiful, responsible adults. Join me as I enjoy and experience this beautiful country of ours.

  • Jan 26. – Day 132 Thurs.
    Happy birthday to Mark and Carly. Went on an adventure to Bouse AZ to get my infrared flashlight to look for scorpions and florescent rocks. Carolyn has a Lazy Dazy motorhome. It’s beautiful! Picked up my charge controller and mail. Excited to get it installed. Eugene will do installation today. Happy trails.
  • Jan 25 – Day 131 Weds.
    Happy anniversary to Jeff and Vandi. Had a campfire with the gang. Pat brought his popcorn maker and made a trashbag full of popcorn! So all enjoyed! Tonight is cotton candy night! Pat has a cotton candy machine too!! Always something different at Hobocamp. Happy trails.
  • Jan 24 Day 130 Tuesday
    Hobotech Tom 50th Birthday Bash. We had an alien theme. CAROLYN really was the hostest with the mostest. She had the tablecloth, napkins, cups, alien men cake and food! Happy trails.
  • Jan 22 – Day 128 Sunday
    Went to the Big Tent today with the girls. Got a lot of goodies! Including Fry Bread. Incredible Tiny Homes were at the RV show. Community is in Tennessee. Got to meet Randy the host. Happy trails.
  • Jan 23 – Day 129 Monday
    I love this day because it’s always 123. This year is extra special because it’s 1.23.23. Happy Birthday to anyone who has a birthday on 1.23! Happy Birthday to Rob and Alex. Nice sunny day at Camp. Myra left today. Sure was fun camping with her. See you soon. Happy trails.
  • Jan 21 – Day 127 Sat.
    Coin hunt in the park today at 1:00pm. I went to the coin hunt today with my friend, Mark. He has the $1000 unit and he can detect gold. He is hardcore and goes out into the mountains and digs for gold. I do the cheater way and just swing my metal detector and at the coin hunt I found $7.06 In quarters, dimes and nickels. It […]