On the Road Again – Camping in 2021

This is my take on 2020-2021 Winter Snowbird Camping in the West. Come follow my adventures.

I am a retired Legal Secretary from Ohio and have camped all my life in between raising 2 beautiful, responsible adults. Join me as I enjoy and experience this beautiful country of ours.

  • May 19 – Thursday
    I’m in pink dress on right front Good times. Jeanie in the middle is a hairdresser. We had lots of practice with hair spray. Happy trails.
  • May 18 – Weds.
    Spent the whole day going thru more photographs! 9 boxes down to 6. It’s a big job. I separated them into ziploc bags to give to relatives who are featured in the photos and their kids. Will spend a ton on postage mailing them!! Back to work. Happy trails.
  • May 17 – Tuesday
    Went to Post Office to pick up a ton of mail from the winter the mail forwarding service, MyRVmail from Passport America did a great job of forwarding stuff. Just won’t forward junk mail or flyers and magazines. Works for me! They will scan things also. This is the mural outside the post office on Marblehead peninsula. Happy trails.
  • May 16 – Monday
    Johnny Depp hearing continues today. Sure hope he wins this case. They are both to blame but she did call herself an abuse survivor and so those jurors have a difficult job. But she did lie about so many things. He and Vanessa were so good for each other and Amber Heard took advantage of his kindness. Anyway, it’s chilly here at the lake but warming up!! […]
  • May 15 – Sunday
    People came for the shed today. I didn’t want to take it apart until they came so they could see how to put it back together. Then I mentioned my lawn mower to him that wouldn’t start, he took it and brought it back 10 min later and said some button like a fuel switch hidden behind the gas tank was pushed in and after priming, it […]
  • May 14 – Sat.
    Cloudy with the roar of thunderstorms in the distance. You can tell how far away they are if you count “1,000 1, 1,000 2 etc.”, when you see the lightening or hear the thunder then stop counting when you here the thunder again. Lightening comes first. People say thunder and lightening but it always comes the other way around. Lightening then the thunder. My son’s Jeff, 41st […]