On the Road Again – Camping in 2021

This is my take on 2020-2021 Winter Snowbird Camping in the West. Come follow my adventures.

I am a retired Legal Secretary from Ohio and have camped all my life in between raising 2 beautiful, responsible adults. Join me as I enjoy and experience this beautiful country of ours.

  • Sept. 14 – Tues.
    Doc visit and post office. Can’t drive by the Dollar Tree without visiting the Crafter’s Corner! Doc visit went great. I do not have to wear the brace any longer! Yeah! Toes still hurt but I can live with it. Just gonna wear shoes in the house from now on!! Love that place. Happy trails.
  • Sept. 12 – Sunday
    Crazy busy at the marina today. Last big weekend before people start packing up their boats. Park closes Oct. 15 but still lots of boating left while weather is nice! Happy trails
  • Sept. 13 – Monday
    A month ago I wrecked my knee. I had refused a cortisone shot but on second visit two weeks ago I got the shot. It worked wonders!! Oh then I smash my toe into a box and broke it on my right foot!! Yikes! But it took my mind off my left knee! Lol Tomorrow is doctor visit. FINGERS CROSSED. Black and blue. Happy trails!
  • Sept 11 – Never Forget
    Here is the Ohio State Marching Band (TBDBITL) tribute at Saturday’s game on 9/11. Just awesome. ENJOY Happy trails.
  • Sept. 10 – TGIF
    Eagle came for a visit. Sorry about the focus. He was kind of far away! Happy trails.
  • Sept. 9 – Thurs.
    Still crafting. Happy trails.