On the Road Again – Camping in 2021

This is my take on 2020-2021 Winter Snowbird Camping in the West. Come follow my adventures.

I am a retired Legal Secretary from Ohio and have camped all my life in between raising 2 beautiful, responsible adults. Join me as I enjoy and experience this beautiful country of ours.

  • Sept. 27 – Day 11 Tuesday
    Checked in at Bismark Lake Campground. Got the last one first come first served for 5 nights. The Gods were shining upon me.  $14 a night with trash and water. That is the hardest thing to find. Is places to dump your trash. I use gas stations in small bags. I can get the sewing machine out now!! Happy trails.
  • Sept. 26 – Day 10 Monday
    Staying at Harvest Host Naughti Girl Winery in Hill City. Decided to stay for the Buffalo around up on Friday Sept. 30. Wonderful weather by supposed to rain this weekend fir the arts show. So sad. I feel for the vendors. Happy trails.
  • Sept. 25 – Day 9 – Sun.
    Drove to Custer State Park and all over. It’s a huge State Park. Lots of buffalo, elk, and deer. Burros block the road. Big signs Do No Feed The Wildlife. People ignoring it. Stupid Americans. Beautiful park. Lots of driving. Buffalo take their time crossing the road too. Happy trails.
  • Sept. 24 – Day 8 Sat.
    Went to breakfast at the pavilion. It was crepe day. Had chocolate chips, bananas and all kinds of fruit and bacon!! Snd whipped cream. Then I got the Cricuit out and made a decal for a girl’s trailer she called Trailer Swift! Ha Then later was Capture the Flag game. Western theme so you had to wear cowboy attire. I wore my light up hat. Then we […]
  • Sept. 23 – Day 7 TGIF
    Shooting for Mount Rushmore tomorrow. It was so foggy today. I got 4 miles outside of town and couldn’t see the road or cars coming towards me so I turned around and left due to the fog. So I stayed back at the camp site and got a lot done. Had a Mini craft show at the campsite pavilion. Lots of Girl Camper merchandise also. Went to […]
  • Sept. 22 – Day 6 Thursday
    Made it to Girl Camporee in Custer SD! Great time with about 100 other campers. Lots of fun activities. GREAT SWAG BAG! Happy trails.