Day 17 – 12.18.18 Taco Tuesday

I love that today is 12.18.18. And I think either the 20th or 21st is the lunar eclipse so lots happening in the desert of New Mexico.

The sky here is full of stars and they feel so close you could reach out and touch them. Unfortunately, it’s been so windy and cold at night that you can’t really sit out and enjoy it so hopefully tonight is different and the sky is clear.

We are close to an airport and the Deming proving grounds and so you hear strange machinery in the night.

Not quite as bad as Roswell. Ha

Taco Tuesday was great. Met a couple who had just gone on the Washington DC honor flight, the same one that Vic Vittorio went on because the gentleman talked about how it rained so bad and the soldiers got soaked. It’s great they got to go to see Washington DC and who they fought for.

The wind was still brisk walking back from Taco Tuesday so Linda and I went back to our separate campers and I Got to watch Splitting Up Together. Love that show. I guess I’ll have to wait till January 9th now to see the new episodes.

I hope I get TV reception because there is not a lot out in Arizona. Seems like out there, They don’t care about TV or what goes on in the news.

Which is probably for the best. Ha

Until next time… Happy trails.

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