Day 32 – Jan 2 Weds.

Supposed to get my big printer delivery today along with my Keurig cup filter. I have two of them and left them both at home! Argh!

It’s for ground coffee in the Keurig. This IS glamping and not-your- momma’s camping!

The printer/scanner was on sale at Amazon over the holidays and I needed to access a printer so many times in selling the house when I figured it was worth it to have one here that’s wireless. So let you know how it works out.

Very windy here and 43 was to be 57 so can’t wait to get to the desert on Friday where it should be warmer.

Happy Trails.

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  1. Jan, It’s been miserable here. Cool (41) and DAMP, and cloudy skies. Ugh. We are supposed to get warmer weather and some sunshine later this week. Post photos of a blue sky!!!! I don’t think I’ll see one until March, when I will be leaving for two cruises (1 a three day “girls” trip and another 11 day cruise with Chuck, we will be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary).


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