Day 46 – Jan 16 Weds.

Today was clean up the camper day.

The trash dumpsters overflowed here and they quit taking donations. So everybody is stockpiling their trash in their campers.

Thank God right in the middle of a seminar, they came in with a new dumpster.

Everybody ran back to main camp to start filling up the new dumpster.

6,000 people make a lot of trash.

My Mom always said “Make your trash small.” That was her way of saving the planet. I did my part until Ryder tore up the bathroom rug that I laid in his kennel.

He’s looking at me like “what did I do?”

I had gone down to the talent show for 2 hours and that is what I came back to.

So today I bought him one of those chew toys that you stick the treat in And didn’t put any padding in the crate.

We will see next time I leave if it works to cure his separation anxiety.

Happy trails.

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