Day 56 – Jan 26 Sat.

Finally warming up in the desert. Last night’s low was 47 which beat 35 the night before.

It’s now creeping up to 70 and it feels great.

Was on the phone with WOW cable for an hour. They keep sending me bills for my Wi-Fi that I canceled in October! The gal told me I did not have to return anything since I was using my own modem. Now all of a sudden I owe them $325 for their cable Box. It is probably packed away somewhere so I will have to find it when I get back in April. Always something!

I told them I would return it when I find it sometime in April. Until then, I will keep getting bills.

Still getting bills for electric water and gas also, even though I closed all accounts.

So happy I don’t have sticks and bricks anymore.

Just gasoline bills.

Happy trails.

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