Days 52-54 – Jan 22-24

Happy Birthday Alex Olbekson! He has the greatest birthday 1.23.

My cousin Ellen’s son.

Went to Walmart in Parker to get the smaller crate. Ryder loves it.

As I was putting the groceries away, I heard a big thump. Tried to open the door but this 36′ RV was blocking it so bad that I could barely stick my head out. I yelled “I think you hit my mirror you asshole!” He stared at me in his rearview mirror and I said “Move! I can’t even get my door open!”

So a very slowly pulled out of the parking spot next to me, while I got out to inspect any damage. I looked at the mirror and it looked OK. So I went around the back and looked at the awning. And here’s a big black spot on the end of it where he bumped it way at the top. So I made the Cardinal sin of Walmart parking and opened the awning to see if it would work. It did. But by the time I got my phone out to take pictures, he already scooted into Walmart. Coward.

You know who you are! NEVER APOLOGIZED OR ANYTHING!! Not all RVers are like that. Just these weekend warriors who don’t know how to drive these rigs.

Take a class!!

Anyway, I went back to my camp on BLM land.

Sometimes you don’t miss society.

Happy trails!

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