DAY 59 – Jan 29 Tuesday

Justine needed to pick up her generator and ask me and Ryder to ride along to Lake Haveseau.

It was a beautiful trip and Ryder was very good.

We got the generator and went to the London bridge and ate fish-and-chips under the London bridge.

They allowed dogs in the restaurant and Ryder was loving it! They have pigeons that come right up to the table and he didn’t even bark.

The waiter came out and gave him some kind of weird gnarly batter fried chew that he promptly ate. I think it was left over hardened fish-and-chips batter. At any rate he loved them.

The restaurant.

The pigeon 2 feet away from Ryder. Never made a sound.

He was such a good boy. He sat there the whole time while we ate. Then we got pictures in the old telephone booth under the London bridge.

The fish-and-chips were amazing!

We ended up in Parker Arizona at the Walmart and watched an amazing sunset.

Made it back just as it was getting dark. It was a fun day.

Happy trails.

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