Day 88 – Feb 27 Weds.

Wow, what an exciting day.

Had another Sonic Boom. Then another about an hour later.

The government is keeping our tax dollars at work for sure in the Barry Goldwater training grounds in Why, AZ.

The jets fly by too fast to get their pictures.

Speaking of fly bys, I hung my Hummingbird feeder.

They say if you build it they will come. They lied. It sat out there on the side of my camper for a week and nothing.

Then all the sudden today about dusk 2 of them were fighting over it. One would land on it and the other one would knock him off.

I was trying to get a picture of them all day and every time I got up without my camera, they would show up. So I got smart and hid in the bushes with the camera zoomed in.

Sure enough they showed up.

Then the brawl began.

They took it to the skies.

And only one came back.

Survival of the fittest out here.

Then the other exciting thing that happened was I washed my hair and so while I had this nice hot soapy water, I decided to dump it on Ryder so he got his 1st bath.

He got an ice cube as a reward.

Hope he sleeps good tonight.

Yep, it worked! And it’s only 6:30pm!

Happy trails.

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  1. Jan, we get hummingbirds all summer when we are on Middle Bass. I put out two feeders, because I may get as many as four at a time, it’s fun to watch them fight over the feeders. Also, we have been getting Baltimore Orioles the past four or five years. They like grape jelly, and we are continually feeding them all summer. The sunny skies look inviting! It started out sunny yesterday, but it was cloudy the rest of the day. It’s also been cold, and I’m beginning to believe that it’s never going to warm up!


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