Day 94-95 Mar 5-6 Tues.-Weds.

Happy Birthday to Peggy Badenhop on March 5! She hit the most important one.

Welcome to the senior discount! Work it girl!

Left for Benson today.

Stayed at an Escapees park. Called SKP parks.

Was a giant sea of Class A’s (huge motorcoaches like busses) and asphalt.

Ryder didn’t know where it take care business. Hes a desert dog and was thoroughly confused at all the asphalt.

It did have a nice sunset at the end of the road.

They have a big Founders Park there were no dogs are allowed but they have happy hour and conversation. A lot of wanna be comics and story tellers. I could hear them from my camper and it was pretty funny.

Nice dog park.

Booked for 3 nights, but stayed for 2. The Weather was supposed to be terrible on Friday and didn’t wanna drive in 65 mile an hour winds. So I just stayed until Thursday afternoon and headed to Deming NM.

Happy trails.

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