Day 97- Mar 8 Fri.

What a day! Went to a gem show in Deming. They had a field trip out to Green Mine to look for gems and really cool rocks with Jodi.

It was supposed to be very windy at starting at 1:00 p.m. so the tour was at 8:10 in the morning.

In line in the caravan.

Jodi drove her truck since she tows a 5th wheel. It’s a beautiful huge Nitro toy hauler.

That is the camper that has a ramp in the garage in the back where she can put her 4 Wheeler.

The Petrocliphs or at the top of the mountain and we had to walk all the way up to see them here’s a short movie of a video that Jody took of the Petrocliphs.

Indian drawings on rocks.

I left my camera in the car and was not going back down for it. My bad.

But we did see some really cool cows and went digging for some rocks in the mountains.

Cute little Daisy in the middle of all those rocks.

Was a fun day. Leaving tomorrow for Elephant Butte New Mexico.

Happy trails.

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