Day 107 – Mar 18 Mon.

Well I thought all the whackos or celebrating Saint Patrick’s day on Saturday night but it turns out some people roam the streets until Monday morning.

I was sound asleep at the Texas rest area this morning when I heard knocking at my driver’s door window at 3:45am in the morning. Of course, Ryder went crazy. Barking so loud. I said “what?” No answer. More knocking. I again said “what?” Then I heard talking and saw car lights right under the dinette window.

Some guy was talking to another guy telling him to not bother people tonight because there was nothing they could do about it.

So the guy gets in the car with the guy and they drive down to the end of the exit ramp and leave the flashers on. And must been where they spent the night.

So it’s 7 o’clock this morning and more knocking on the driver’s window. Once again Ryder goes ballistic.

I said the same “what?”

I said “I have a ferocious dog in here.”

This guy says “Oh sorry to bother you ma’am but I have a flat tire and I don’t know what to do.”

I said “I can’t help you. Call a tow truck and they will change it for you.”

This is all thru the walls of the camper.

He finally walked away.

I packed up the camper and got out of there and saw the same car was at the end of the exit ramp with both windows rolled down and it was only 41゚. Why wouldn’t you roll your windows up if you were forced to sleep in your car?

It didn’t look like he had a flat tire either. I think they were just meth heads or something wanting money.

There was another huge camper across from me and lots of trucks. I think He picked me because he get reached the window. Lol

Oh well another day in the life of a nomad!

Nice sunset though.

On to Houston!

Happy trails.

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