Day 112 – Mar 23 Sat

Had to stop on Crestview FL to pick up my mail. Finally!

Then on to Cottondale to the Hitchin Post RV Park. Right next to the freeway!

But the place, along with the whole area, was devastated by Hurricane Michael. So sad about all the trees.

Had to get all new telephone poles.

Lots of trees down and abandoned homes.

This park us home to a lot of relief workers. Even some from Michigan.

They need a lot of help down here.

This is Vonda who has a pet therapy goat to get her thru this. She owns the park and is so sweet I gave her my big folding crate for her little “KID”.

He’s got the bluest eyes and an orange tail.

Works for her!

She feeds him out of a bottle when she rides around the park.

Got a chance to do laundry, make Jeff’s baby blanket and burp pads and rearrange the camper. Love having Electricity for $25 a night.

Will head out tomorrow.

Happy trails!

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