Day 116 – Mar 27-31

All week, I’m at RVillage Rally in Live Oak FL.

Really beautiful park called Suwannee River Music Park. They have concerts and vendors, classes and all kinds of entertainment.

Was so busy that week that I never had time to post anything.

Ryder got to go to some of the classes with me. Very dog-friendly park and event.

They had steel sculptures that this guy welds and build a fire in them. They turn colors and are all different.

Feeding the fire.

They are beautiful all lit up.

Had bands and headliners were the New Christy Ministrals.

The original band members and Randy Sparks who is 86 and still drives coast to coast with his wife’s dog. She passed away recently and the dog goes on stage with him and lays there the whole time they are playing!

New Christy Ministrals

The guy sitting down is John Denver’s uncle.

Was a really good show and event.

Happy trails.

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