June Adventures

June found me traveling to Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

In Pennsylvania, I saw my grandson, Jack for the first time. He has his 2 month birthday. Starting to smile.

Happy Baby Jack

I was out West when he was born and it’s a joy to visit with him now.

I also had time to visit my grandson Julian who went with me for the visit. He was teaching Ryder to swim.

Julian and Ryder

Ryder was hanging on for dear life. Ha He did doggy paddle back to the steps.

That was the 1st time he never been in water besides the Colorado river. He really hates water.

He’ll drink from a puddle but not walk in it. Now he doesn’t even go up to puddles.

From there, Ryder and I headed to Columbia, New Jersey for the Girl Camper outing called Kickoff to Camping. Had 23 other ladies, some who have vintage campers.

It was a lot of fun and lots to do at Camp Taylor campground. There is a Wolf preserve on the property which gives tours everyday. It was remarkable to see the 3 kinds of wolves, bobcats, linxs and foxes. All were housed in their separate habitats according to species.

This one was losing his Winter coat.

Is Bobcat head did mouse in its mouth.

And this was the bear that we saw going to our trash at the campsite.

Also had a camp mascot named Sophie. Will eat right out of your hand.

It was a pretty fun trip. Weather was beautiful for camping.

Miss being in my camper.

Now I have to go pick weeds out of the flower beds that cousin Ron planted!

Have some beautiful Irises.

Til next time, happy trails!

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  1. Jan, thanks for the update. I wondered how you were doing with the rainy weather. I was on Middle Bass Island May 15-21, and I haven’t been back since. We have had unprecedented flooding, and both ends of our street are flooded. I had a wedding the week of June 1, then doctor’s appointments the following week. I am currently in Newark, Delaware with my Mom visiting my sister. I am hoping to get back to the lake the last week of June, if the flooding has subsided. Hope to catch up with you sometime this summer. The iris flowers are beautiful.


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