Day at the Dog Park

Second sunny day in a row! Forgot what the sun looked like. It was a little overcast in the afternoon, but no rain!

Supposed to get that tonight.

I had been sewing on and off all week and Ryder was good while I ran errands. He loves his new soft crate.

Got it from Margie, my fellow Girl Camper from New Jersey when I was camping last weekend in NJ. She said her dog hated it. So I bought it for Ryder because I got sick of breaking down the metal crate every time I wanted to run errands. He won’t stay in one spot while driving. He ends up under my driver’s seat where all the cables are in the Prius. He schootches under the seat from the back! I had visions of all my electronic equipment being chewed to peices. So the carrier is working out great.

He even sleeps in it in the passenger seat.

He met a buddy at the dog park. A little mini Austrian Shepherd named a Hasham.

He was cute and he and Ryder chased the ball all over. Had a running buddy.

Well it was a short lived day of sun. He’s sleeping thru another rainstorm!

Stop already!

Happy trails.

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