Day 4 Gallup NM

Drove from outside Clinton OK thru Amarillo Texas, to Gallup NM right on boarder of AZ.

Saw this load of chickens going to Tyson. Poor things.

Drove through the whole state of Texas. Got to Gallop NM and decided to check the weather. Not good.

Santa Rosa, where I was supposed to be staying and where I had booked a campsite was supposed to get 3 to 6 inches of snow! No thanks!

So I went to Plan B. Try to drive farther south but didnt want to spend the extra $100 it would have cost me to head South down to I-10.

So I just kept driving down I- 40 which is Rt. 66 to Albuquerque. I checked the weather report again and it looked like it was going to stay above I-40.

So I risked it and headed past Albuquerque to Gallop.

Am staying at the Navajo Nation Museum. They have a zoo, library, and botanical garden. It’s a really cool place. I will do the whole tour tomorrow but the let you sleep from free in the lot

Not my rig but another gal boondocking in the parking lot.

More tomorrow.

Happy trails


  1. Jan, There are a ton of great yarn shops in Albuquerque and Taos, NM. I don’t know if you knit or crochet, but if you do, you need to check them out.


    1. Not headed up to Taos and just drove through Albuquerque because of this storm tell me this Santa Rosa. I’ll catch him on the way back. I do crochet. Glad you got back from your trip OK.


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