Day 11 – Free Tuesday

We had a free day today so you could do what you wanted.

I met a couple called Don and Erin Graber and they were intrested in going to the Neon Museum with me and they had a car so we didnt have to walk!

There was a Tim Burton exhibition that was fabulous.

Scattered throughout these giant old casino signs were Tim Burton figurines and sculptures. He had done Nightmare before Christmas aand Alice in Wonderland. Big fan of Johnny Depp so a lot had that Johnny influence.

There were so many it was great seeing them all against the old metal neon signs.

Then there was a special building that housed his digital drawings. It was in a sphere all black lit and in a circle.

Blacklist showroom.

This series was about when he watched the landmark Shara Hotel be imploded. He watched it from the luxury Suite from the Debbie Reynolds hotel. He said it changed his life.

The last one is a really cool digital slot machine.

After the visit to the Boneyard, we went to a brewery for some local brews.

They give you a rubber duck with your flight of beers.

The duck looked more like an owl.

Back at the camper to rest up for sliders in the parking lot and a band and pet parade.

Happy trails.

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