Day 14- Final dinner

Went to the Vegas strip today. It was packed and only lost a few bucks to the one armed bandits.

I just pay the penny slots so got to play along time.

Then took an Uber back to camper.

Bellagio flowers on some big ffigures, elephant, tigers and peacocks.

Chuhulli glass ceiling.

Farewell dinner.

Leaving Sunday for Eherenberg AZ.

Happy trails.


  1. Hi, Jan
    I can’t believe you are on the road again. I really meant to catch up with you this summer. Summer came and went, and so did fall. I’m so sorry. Also can’t believe our reunion was over a year ago. That stinks! Looks like you had a great time last year on the road, and at the lake and now on the road. Is your itinerary the same this year or are you changing it up?
    Take care, and behave yourself! Ha!


    1. You are all approved! Ha
      Yes I’m making some changes to this trip. Did NM and Las Vegas. I’m in Eherenberg AZ and Friday I go to Parker AZ to sew for an event on YouTube called 2019 Van Build.
      I’ll make anything they want. Curtains, cushions etc. Its 16 days in the desert so I’m treating myself to a resort to prepare! Ha take care💕


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