Day 39 – Weds.

Biggest travel day of the year. Stay safe out there.Well, I went to Bouse today to get the mail. They close from 12 to 1 so I got to catch up on email while waiting.After getting the mail, I headed to Quartzsite. Only 5 miles ahead, stop dead traffic. I knew it was a bad wreck when I saw the helicopters.So I waited 45 minutes in traffic.It turns out a Walmart truck, the one at the very beginning of the line, blew a tire which fell off his truck and hit the Van in which a girl was driving behind him. You could tell it was her home. It was totally caved in with the tire pushing her engine into the cab and her windshield was shattered. 2 helicopters arrived and landed in the desert. It looks like the passenger survived but not sure about the driver. Hopefully, she gets a new van of Walmart. She was waving to people as we all drove by, so I’m hoping no one was in the helicopters. So many police fire and EMTs.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Happy trails.