Day 41 – Friday

I was wondering why my Gray tank was always on E for empty. I looked underneath the rig and saw the pipe had broken on Shea road in those awful potholes.

So I asked around and someone said go down the Herb’s hardware in Quartzsite.

So I called him and they suggested I come in on Friday to look at it. So I took it in today and the guy did not remember talking to me on the phone so I showed him the problem and he gave me a bunch of parts and the small container of black goo.

And he said measure, fit and then glue but you gotta go quick. Thanks a lot.

So I spent the day sitting under the rig fitting, hacksawing and glueing parts. It ain’t pretty but I think it will work.

Then Marlene went into Q to visit the vendors since I was already unhooked.

Got a collapsible wagon for hauling the sewing machine and wood.

We visited Hi Jolly Cemetery. This guy created the Camel Corps in 1800’s to carry supplies on the camels backs instead of donkeys. It worked until government decided they didn’t need him any longer.

Lots of local folks buried the this cemetery.

Happy trails.

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