Day 45 – Tues.

Still at Hi Jolly near Quartzsite AZ.

Lots of coyotes howling.

What an exciting night at 6:00 p.m. this old man came in his brand new Dodge ram and made a hard left past my camper. It was pitch black and I heard a horrific crash.

I grabbed the flashlight and went out to look and this old man who looked about 85 Had driven into the wash drove over it back into the wash in into a vertical face down wash and spun his tires in reverse trying to get out.

No way he was getting out of there without a giant wench.

So I shine the light in and I said are you OK and he said I don’t know. He was so confused he didn’t know where I was or what he did.

I told him he was stuck in a wash and that I was gonna call for help and he couldn’t get out of there by himself.

So I told him to shut the truck off and put his hazards on. He did know where they were so I had to stick my head in and show him the little triangle so he turned them on.

I told him to sit there And wait till I got back and he said OK. I thought he had Alzheimer’s because he was so confused.

I ask him what his name was and he said Tom.

So I walked over to washes the go back to my trailer and call 911. I told them this guy who was very confused was stuck in this wash and they said they’d send the fire department.

Well they sent the fire Department, 2 police cars and a medic ambulance.

I thank God that I had my string of lights protecting the slide so he could see those lights and he didn’t crash into me.

Here are all the cops and fire that tended to him. He wasn’t hurt but he was so drunk that he didn’t even know where he was.

The cop came back and told me thanks for calling because he was extremely enable. They even took pictures of all the alcohol bottles in his truck! They got to use their night vision so cop was happy.

They gave the guy a Breathalyzer any flunked it. So they throw him in the cruiser and have to call a tow truck that was the flat bed to drag his truck out.

Never know what you’re going to see in the desert.

Happy trails.