Day 50 – Sunday

Made it 50 days! Gloomy skies looking to rain. No solar today. Thank God for portable batteries that can be charged by the generator.

Just got the oil changed in it so all good.

BLM land in Lake Haveseau AZ.

Talked to a guy who said there were some gun fire in the next wash over by the airport (Craggy Wash), so glad I didn’t stay there. Wild Wild West!

Good day to clean up the camper to music.

Marlene went to Flagstaff to see some buddies from New Hampshire.

We were going to go to the casino in California by ferry but it was crappy out, we will do that some time this wee. It’s only $2.00.

This bulldog named Bison was actually pullong this Razor!

That’s one strong dog!

Happy trails.

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