Day 58 – Monday

Happy Birthday Haylie Kay!

Sweet young lady!

I’m still at Lone Tree in Lake Haveseu, AZ. There are 20 different ways to spell it. The Casino was Havasu Landings.

The town is Lake Havasu City and other parts spell it Havaseu. Oh well I tried.

Marlene left for parts unknown and will catch up with her down the road.

As soon as she left another car camper pulled in her spot and after that one, a big Canadian camper pulled in front of me. Getting crowded in the desert!

They have the whole desert and he parks 20 feet from my door.

The gal in the car is nice and we chatted for a while. She lived in Ireland for a few years and is thinking of Spain next.

Very cold and windy tonight

Need to head south. Here is a shot of the Claw that climbers love.

The Claw

Nighty night.

Happy trails.

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