Day 63 – Sat.

Still a little chilly out in the desert. Suzanne left to go back to California and then she decided she’s going to live in Spain.

She left a note under the orange cone saying good bye.😉

I’m ready to move out tomorrow. Getting itchy feet to see new sights.

Headed to Alamo Lake state park until the 29th.

The guy that took me on that ATV ride drove that thing all the way to the top of this mountain and put a flag and a sock at the top. Hes one crazy guy.

You have to have a devil-may-care attitude to drive that 4 Wheeler straight down vertically.

This is the last look at the mountains here.

No senset tonight. Probably a sign it’s time to leave. I understand it’s the shortest day of the year. So now they will be getting longer. Yeah!

In case you’re wondering, this is what donkey poop looks like.


Happy trails.

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