Day 67 – Weds. Christmas Day

I passed on the Christmas brunch because I wanted to sleep in and I knew Molly was going to call.

She had just been ill before Christmas and I was anxious to see how she was making out with her re-entry back into the world since returning from a trip to London.

She sent some great pictures.

She went over to visit her friend Britni who lives there.

I was in Lake Havasu City looking at the London bridge while she was on the London bridge in the real London!

Seems to be getting colder here so I’m in to baking since I have electricity at this campsite.

I took the lemon cake to the Escapees meetup. I tried a copper sheet and it seemed to make them too soggy so I got out the ole PAM and the aluminum foil and it crisped them right up.

Now I’ll have to eat them all.

Happy trails.