Day 76 – Friday

Going to go pick up the last of the mail in Yuma. I had gotten some cargo netting for my top bunk storage area above the cab. It will keep things from falling when I’m driving.

Well it didn’t come in so left with just my mail. I will have to go back this week and see if it’s in.

Went to the Peanut Patch. It’s a huge market and has something for everybody.

Also went to Martha’s Gardens. It’s a huge date farm. All kinds of dates, shakes, pecan rolls, dates with peanut butter! Yum! Like a chocolate carmel turtle but healthy for you!

A date palm. Looks like a zentangle komoto dragon.


Then went to see Lisa and Kevin Riley and they had happy hour and fresh shrimp and fish tacos from cod that Kevin caught in Puget Sound. Yum. Thank you Rileys!

Happy trails.