Day 94 – Tues The Big Tent

Went to the big tent. Huge vender tent w Gary who lives in Quartzsite. We met 3 years ago heading to the RTR. Kept in touch ever since. He volunteered to take me up to town to see vendors.

Got a leveling jack so when I get on bumpy ground, I can just roll up on it. Got some glasses cleaner, anti fog.

And a free t shirt from Mine Lab the metal dector people.

Saw a lot of electric bikes.

Last day of Hobotech camp.😫

Sure had fun with these guys.

Tom, Stan, Heidi and Kim.

Heidi makes goat milk soap.

Kim and Stan Sasnak

Then they switched hats! Ha

Fun group. They all left to go to Parker.

I’m headed to parts unknown.

Happy trails.