Day 99 – Sunday Last day of RTR

Well the consensus is that the RTR was a bust because the lack of camping together and not having the community that we had in previous years was not evident because the seminars were 20 miles away from where you camped and if you wanted to go, you had to leave your camp and pack everything up to go to the seminars.

They were not very well attended because of that. The last day is tomorrow. They are having cake for the 10th Anniversary of the Rubber Tramp Rondevous. I hope someone is there to eat it.

It was sad not being able to walk to the seminars.

I did run into a lot of people I have met over the years. So it was fun catching up.

Well, I’m back on the road tomorrow. To California, to Cibola National Wildlife Refuge. Then back to American Girl Mine.

Beautiful sunsets.

Happy trails.

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