Day 101- Tuesday

Invasion of the YouTubers!

A whole caravan came in last night. Ausia from Panda Monium, Dave’s RV Life, Randy the Mobile Traveler and Destination Open Road.

I don’t follow any of them except for Dave. He’s the only one with interesting content.

The rest just sit around and eat.

I follow Hobotech and Stan from Sasnak channel. I always learn something from those guys.

They are a fun bunch.

Recreating the telephone cans method with lighted gloves.

Had a campfire and told stories tonight. Relaxed night.

Saw a big fire in the distance. Hope it wasn’t the hay stacks.

It was contained after about an hour.

Last year they had an arsonist burning them. Sad because they need the straw for all the growing they do here.

Gonna ride around and look for some owls tomorrow.

Happy trails.

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