Day 104 – TGIF

Can’t believe the week flew by. I guess it’s true, time flies when you’re having fun!

Long travel day yesterday but came home to the sunset at American Girl Mine.

I knew all those dust storms would be good for something.

My backyard this morning.

It’s still very windy so I’m going to spend the day inside moving stuff around. That cab over bunk is a mess Because I just throw stuff up there. Mostly crafts, fabric, blankets, inventory and extra food. I need to find a craft show somewhere to unload this stuff.


After. Little bit more organized. At least the TV can come out all the way.

Nothing but Spanish channels but I can get General Hospital which comes on at noon! Sorry Kathy, I get to see it first! Lol

Got to wash my hair today! So dusty from the dust storms! Live my battery operated shower for outside. Water can fly everywhere. Who cares. Ha Dries in 5 minutes.

Spectacular sunset tonight.

Lights under the camper to deter critters from coming into it.

Happy trails.