Day 121 – Monday

Camping in Bouse, AZ. Only 2 other people near me.2 guys on dirt bikes and looks like they left their truck lights on or something because they could not get it started and the trailer was attached to the truck. About 8:00 in the pitch black, a huge flatbed tow truck comes rolling thru the desert to tow the truck out.Glad they had their dirt bikes with them. They will have to come back for their trailer.Oh well, even in the desert there is drama. Ha

Did a lot of cooking today. Made fajitas and froze them. Made brats and froze them. Then made spare ribs in the Roadpro 12v oven. Plugs in the cigarette lighter. Cooked for 2.5 hrs hooked up to the Jackery power station.RoadPro oven.

Tanking them to Myra”s in Chandler.

Happy trails.

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