Day 130 – Ash Wednesday

I had another round the cows come through only these had shorter horns this morning.

Then I took a walk and ran into the horse trail.


Whole line of them. Must be a riding class. Cowboy in front and back.

Crazy cactus

Ran into a guy from Mississippi on his bike and he sells his T shirts at different fairs between Tucson and Phoenix every Winter.

Of course, I was intrested because that sounds like a good deal making money on the road. But he had to pay $400 up front just to be in the show. It was Friday through Sunday and rained all day Saturday. So he said he didn’t make a whole lot of money.

They’re really cool T-shirts their silk screened weird designs like tie dyed but cooler.

I’ll have to stop him when he rides his bike back and take a picture of his shirt he is wearing.

Then on my walk, I met a toothless guy and his daughter from Arkansas who Had dyed red hair and she even died the dog’s face to be bright red. Very strange family.

You never know what you’re gonna see or who you gonna meet when you’re wandering around the desert.

Happy trails

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