Day 133 – Saturday Leap Day

Happy Leap Day everyone!

Here is an Elf cactus.

Elf cactus
Boxing cactus

Well I woke up this morning and found a little surprise in my mouse trap. I thought I heard some rustling.

So I quickly reset it after I disposed of the little critter and I’m going to see if hes got any brothers.

Well so far so good on the pesky mice. They love anything that’s dark and warm in the desert. So I have rope lighting all underneath my camper the keep them away. I think I brought that guy from Quartzsite. Hopefully, that’s the last one.

Heard an owl hooting tonight. The extra day is probably confusing him. Hope everybody had a good Leap Day.

Probably this spooky moon.

Had another beautiful sunset. Never get tired of these!

See the cat face?

Gold Canyon AZ

Did my taxes today! So glad that is over! Took me all day.

Now I don’t have to think about it anymore. I will be here for a few more days when I go into town and get the mail. I’m never in one place too long so when I am, I have to do everything while I have cell service.

Happy trails.