Day 155- Sunday

Camping can be hard when the world stops spinning.

Campgrounds are closing right and left. Some have started a quarantine area with no hookups to make sure you are safe where you are forced to stay for 14 days before you can enter the park. Even tho you have reservations. Laundry and restrooms are off limits. Yikes

So far the camp at the state park we stayed at all week had a break in the rain and we got to cross the river today and they let us out!

Went right to the grocery store and got some supplies, dunped tanks and got gas.

Ended up at the first rest area which they call picnic areas. Lots of trash and very noisy. Pretty flowers though.

Beautiful Texas flowers among the litter.
White, purple and yellow

After sitting there for while, we decided to head 30 miles down the road to the official rest area.

Beautiful landscaped grounds and bathrooms.

Look at these yuccas!

Huge yuccas
View from the couch

Found the spot where I could put the slide out so I could sleep in the bed. This bench bed isn’t very comfortable.

I usually can’t sleeo in my bed at a truckstop. But this one had a grassy area on the driver’s side. Score!

Little rumblings from truck engines but not bad.

Happy to be on dry land after 3 days of walking thru puddles.

Happy trails.