Day 164- Tuesday

80° out today and sunny. Wind is blowing 14 mph but not too bad. Humidity is still making me hack so heading back inside.

Had to rearrange the homestead for sewing. Since i put the table into a couch daybed, I’m sewing in a tray on the couch. I usually sew outside so the birds can carry off the threads. But too hot today.

Empty park but just a few campers during the week.

Empty Park. Marlene’s Roadtrek

Marlene maybe leaving. I think it’s too quiet for her. Everything is closed here that is considered an attraction.

I’m just staying in the camp and sewing.

I’ll be here until April 6.

Keri in the schoolbus is coming in today since Mustang Island closed.

She will tell me what the outside world is doing.

Happy trails.