Day 168 – Sat.

I guess this is Texas’ rainy season, because it rained all day!

It was very gray and for only a few minutes did it stop today.

Flooded road

Then I got to see a really cool bird fight. I feel it was right out of West Side Story.

Greenjays vs. Mynas

It was the greenjays versus the Myna birds who were feasting on the bugs on the ground when all of sudden this non stop attack of The Birds came swooping down out of the sky. Mynas didn’t even look up.

All those sounds on the video were the birds flapping against the camper and the specks of birds were the greenjays. They look just like blue birds but they are green.


They are really cool bird. They have yellow under their wings.

Then once the show was over, everything turned back to normal. The deer and the bunnies came out.

Easter Bunny

All is well. Happy trails.

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