Day 182- Saturday

What’s new? Rain and fog. When you think of Texas, you usually visualize wide open prairies, horses, rodeos, cowboys and barbeque.

Not this Texas. Here it is rain and fog and mugginess. Everyday for weeks. I don’t know if they have monsoon season in Texas or if it is just because of the weather patterns lately. But random rainstorms just pop up so forget planning anything outside. You drag the chairs out, you drag the chairs in.

Where’s the lake?

I think I’d shoot myself if I had to live here the rest of my life. If you have any kind of depression, it was definitely manifest itself here.

You really have to keep yourself busy and I have only seen 2 people come out of their campers. Not sure if its the virus or this is the norm.

At any rate, looks like a sewing day. Maybe mix it up and watch a movie. Oh, did I mention, there is no television service here? That may be a good thing.

Happy trails.

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