Day 16 – Monday

It’s hard getting used to a new environment. I have limited TV stations up here.

I used to have a big antenna and previous owner took it down. So I bought a little cheapie one at the dollar store and stuck it in the window in and actually brings in some digital channels and I can get ABC now.

And of course, that means General Hospital. Yeah!!

They went on hiatus due to the Corona virus, so now they are doing 2 weeks of Flashback Fridays. Been fun looking at the old clothes of the 70s and 80s. Ha

I don’t remember half of the story lines! It’s been on for 57 years! STARTED APRIL 1, 1963.

I was 13 and used to watch it every day after school and eat a whole sleeve of Zesta crackers.

Stay safe and stay free.

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