Day 18 – Wednesday

Still carrying stuff in from the camper. I hate to bring it all back here cause then I will forget to take it with me when I go back on the road!

I may go to Pennsylvania in July to see my grandson for his 15th birthday.

He is raising cows out there with his dad.

Big dogs

Julian has always been good with animals. I think he should become a vet.

The mosquitoes were so bad here and I couldn’t even open the doors to the camper.

I just heard that the mayflies were going to be later this year which is fine with me. Those things are huge and cling to everything!

It was warming up And was 85 yesterday.

Supposed to cool off this weekend.

Still making masks

Take a break from finishing the quilt and made some world map masks. This design has more room for breathing and well not steam up your glasses. When you talk it doesn’t suck in. Way more comfortable to wear.

Stay safe and stay free.

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