Day 34 – TGIF

Molly and Jodi arrived about 4:39pm. They rented a hotel by Marblehead Lighthouse

They checked in first and then came here.

We had brats and asparagus and Molly brought a ton of olives, sun dried tomatoes, chia chips, salsa, guacamole she made, cucunbers and sweet gherkins.

She’s on a healthy no wheat plan so that rules out bread, crackers, bagels etc. So not sure it works with lake partying but it was all good.

Ellen came up with her daughter, Jenna and our cousin, Kris on my mom’s side.

Jodi and Molly
We tried a selfie adding Ellen and I.
Kris, Ellen, Jenna, Jodi and Molly

Then we walked down to the lake and asked Liz to take a photo down there.

Me, Molly, Ellen, Jenna, Jodi, Kris

Had a campfire on Ellen’s deck and then storm rolled in around 11:00 and we scattered.

Stay safe and stay free.

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