Sept. 4 – Friday Labor Day Weekend

Dentist Appointment at 1:00pm on Labor Day weekend. What was I thinking!!

They called me at 8:30 and wanted to up my appointment to 10 o’clock. I knew they wanted to get out of there earlier on Labor Day weekend. So I took the 10am appointment.

Will I knew was a mistake going to the doctor up here and not in Columbus.

It only took 52 minutes but it was $350!! They even charged me $10 for Covid equipment! What?? I didn’t use anything in their office and walked in with my own mask. They put a temperature gun up to my forehead. Was that the $10 I was paying for??

He filled the tooth and I was out of there in 52 minutes.

Does a lot of errands before the weekend crowds decended upon the island for the last weekend of the summer season.

Even 5 year old little Hunter said this is the last summer until next summer! That kid cracks me up.

My cousins live in the houses by the trailer park and it’s one big community here. It all closes up in November and everybody goes home to their respective cities.

In November I will hit the road again. This time in my new Van which I love.

Into the woods

Happy trails.

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