Sept. 11 – Friday We shall never forget.

I remember picking up lunch for the girls I worked with at the school system when our receptionist called me to the television in the media center when we watched as the 2nd plane hit the twin towers.

They were replaying the 1st plane hitting and as the bodies were dropping to the sidewalk, the 2nd plane came and we could not believe we were watching this happen over again.

I went down the hall and got the teachers that were in the classrooms preparing for their next-day lessons and had them come look at what we were witnessing.

We all stood in shock and we’re speechless. What senseless acts of destruction and loss of lives.

Pray for the families today who lost their mothers, fathers, children, parents, brothers, sisters, coworkers and people that were just walking on the street. I pray they find peace.

Pray for the United States of America.

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