Sept. 26 – Sat.

Peggy from Indiana came in to town and we drove around Marblehead and did some shopping and sightseeing.

We tried to go to the lighthouse but it was closed on Labor Day.

So we drove around and looked at all the cottages and million dollar homes on the Lake.

There is definitely a wide variety of economic status or this peninsula.

You can have a campground right across from a $100,000 house.

I feel so bad for the amusement park Cedar Point. It had to shut down for a while due to this pandemic. I’m sure it lost millions of dollars by being closed. I think of all the children who wanted to go to Cedar Point the summer and ride the roller coasters but could not due to this mysterious, invisible virus.

I remember many summers at Cedar Point. So sad to look across the Lake and see entered the silent rollercoasters and not hearing any screams of thrill seekers.

It has been a strange year indeed.

Happy trails.

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