Oct. 17 – Sat.

When I bought my camper, I got 21 days and free camping with Travel Resorts of America.

They have been calling me nonstop and with all that is going on here, I could never get a chance to get over to their nearest campground to pick up the certificates.

So Saturday, I decided to go to Wally World in Loudonville Ohio.

It was a beautiful fall drive about 80 miles away from the Lake.

I made the appointment for 11:30 so I could get back early and continue packing.

So I get there and it’s a beautiful fall drive. The salesman asked what kind of camping I do. I said I mostly like to boondock which means camping without services such as electricity, water and a dump station.

Well this isn’t for you because we cater to Someone who spends at least $2000 a year on camp fees.

So I told him I did not and he said well I’m going to give you the camping vouchers anyways and a $50 Visa gift card and a $100 dining card. Sounded good to me.

It paid for my gas money to get there. So I was only there about 20 minutes and took the gifts and drove home.

It was a nice place with this swimming pool. But not for me.

Wally World

It was a good day.

Happy trails.

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