Oct. 26 – Monday

Started out being a gloomy day.

I decided to go through my clothes for the trip out West and had the Goodwill with the ones I weren’t taking.

Well had lost my ring when I took my Van in for service. So I scoured the parking lot looking for it and scoured the Van when I got it back.

No luck.

That’s when I first noticed that it was missing. I had thought that ring in the Dublin castle in Ireland when I went to visit my daughter Molly who was going to school in Copenhagen.

I was so sad when I lost it and I’ve been putting tons a hand cream on so the other ones don’t fall off!

My fingers don’t do well in the cold.

So I reach down in the bottom of the bag I was going to give the g

Goodwill and there was something shiny at the bottom! Praise the Lord and thank you St. Anthony, Patron Saint of Lost Items. Yes!

It was my ring!! I was so happy I jumped up-and-down and I’m slathering hand cream on now And heading to Goodwill.

Turned out to be a good day!

Happy trails.


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