Nov. 9 – Monday

Packed up the refrigerator and the rest of the van. There is no storage space in this van! There are no outside bins so all the hoses and cords, outside carpet, screen room need to be storedinside the van!

So I’ve started piling up stuff in the garage area which is about 14″ tall by 4′ wide. Not much room for leveling jacks, carpet, wheel covers, black tank hoses and electrical cords. Still shuffling, cleaning supplies, antenna,windows covers and kitchenware.

I bought a smaller Insta Pot that is stored in the ottoman with the egg boiler. Makes great hard-boiled eggs in 6 minutes. Love that thing and it doesn’t heat the van up with steam. Great for omelets too.

Insta Pot with airfryer lid

Can’t wait to cook in the desert with solar power.

Happy trails.

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