Dec 11 – Friday

Thank goodness for  Discount Solar.

Well they agreed with the other mechanic and will replace the inverter that’s not working.

Have to wait on the part.  I will wait till it comes in. Meanwhile I have to shuffle that corner of the Van around because I stacked everything up on that compartment.

Major sorting and stacking day tomorrow!

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Meanwhile, we drove to a little girl’s Cemetery called Celia’s Garden. Very calm peaceful place but very eclectic.

Celia Winer

She was the 8 year old daughter of the famous Paul the naked bookstore owner of readers Oasis in downtown Quartzsite who always wore nothing but a  banana hammock.

I believe she died of pneumonia. She always wanted to make the world a better place and so this garden was dedicated to her and the town buys trees to fill the garden.  There are many many other gravesites there all different from each other.

Lots of creative people are remembered there.

Happy trails.

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